Battlefield 5

[Other] Battlefield 6, the american civil war

Battlefield 5 - [Other] Battlefield 6, the american civil war

High as a kite but here it goes:

You are in charge of a multi billion dollar video game company and need an idea for the setting of your new game? Great! you have come to the right place. Battlefield has a identity crisis and i believe this next setting could help it get out of it.

Setting: North america late 2020's. The US is right out of a world war with China (see bf4) it has been catastrophic for the world economy and has started a new great depression along with the hundreds of thousand of dead (possibly millions) on both side. Followed by human migration of hundreds of millions of people on all continents due to climate change, the situation across the globe is a disaster. The US cut all contact with the EU and other foreign allies like Japan and Korea and it has entered a new era of isolationism. Tens of millions are on the street and are out of job. Along with nearly all public services thrown out of the window. It is in all this chaos that one side pulled the trigger first.

Factions: Federal government of the United States (Feds). The Patriots. The Reds. more???

Feds: Made up of all remaining branches of the federal government. picture a federal agent wearing Crye combat pants and a DEA windbreaker along side a US air force airmen patrolling us suburbia. Although they are stronger and have more resources and manpower than the two other factions combined they lose influence, resources and moral by the day.


The Patriots: Hardcore founding fathers believers. Believe the US should stick to its roots and fantasize about a glamorous 50's america. No need to get into details. Made up of army veterans and patriots alike. Standard weaponry and allot of experience in rural combat. Has a few cold war armored vehicles in its arsenal. Strong moral convictions and has allot of america rural environment in their pocket

The Reds: Made up of blue collar workers and university students alike. Believe that capitalism and the hoarding of stolen wealth by the elites is the reason of the crisis they are all in (lol imagine that). Anarcho communists. Strong in urban environments. know their way across cities. have taken controlled of a few cities. Standard equipment and limited helicopter fleets seized from police agency's and news channels converted to gunships.

Maps: Since it should be set in North America sky is the limit. From the woods of Cascadia, to the deserts of Utah to the stock exchange of New York to the suburbs of Sacramento.

Game should be asymmetric. With each faction having positive sides and flaws. possible 3 faction game modes are possible aswell.

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