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[Other] Decline of the franchise and Battlefield 2143

Battlefield 8 - [Other] Decline of the franchise and Battlefield 2143

Just now coming back to the Battlefield Reddit after a few years to claim I was right. Since my posts hyping the then to be announced BF 2018 we've seen the decline of the franchise and two lackluster Battlefield titles.

We've had revisionist Battlefield 1 with copy and paste variants of weapons and less content than BF4. Not to mention the only interesting guns being behind obnoxiously long class ranks to pad out the content/ playtime. Only played three hours of it before switching back to BF4.

We've had Battlefield V which decided to do the live service thing and not follow through on it so we've got a WW2 Battlefield game that only has the first years of the war in basically. I've put in two hundred hours since release under the impression we would have post launch content covering the entire war. Imagine seeing Stalingrad in Frostbite or storming the Reichstag in the Battle of Berlin.

Been hyped for 2143 for years ever since the Battlefield 3 Easter egg on the Endgame DLC but have been crushed year after year. A 2143 could have as much content as BF4 due to creative freedom and feel like BF4 with the movement and gameplay improvements of newer Battlefields.

In my mind 2143 is the only way to save the franchise as Modern would be boring again and people only want it because they assume its the only period that would work really well for that classic Battlefield gameplay.


So overall next Battlefield needs to be 2143 with as much effort put into it as BF4 and a premium service too so we can actually get 5 dlc packs with 4 maps each/ weapons, gadgets and vehicles after launch.

If DICE and EA be lazy and play it safe with Modern again they could kill the franchise due to fatigue of the modern setting which would sink in quick when people who want the setting realise they can't improve upon Battlefield 4.

Only possible way the could get away with modern again is to do old school modern (70's to 90's) for that aesthetic and retro modern vibe.

For those who want BC3, we do deserve a sequel to Bad Company at some point just after 2143 since again modern fatigue and Bad Company is the infantry focused spin off series not mainline which wouldn't help the series right now.

So yeah, I feel like if we had 2143 in place of Battlefield 1 the franchise might be in a better state by now and we would of received a Battlefield V with some actual development time put into it. Although casuals did love Battlefield 1 and may have rejected a 2143.

Let me know what era you want to see the next Battlefield to be set in and if its not 2143 I'll try to sway you on it lol.

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