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Battlefield 6 - [Other] How I would do vehicles


A new queue system is added where players can see and reserve their spot. This is to minimize spawn menu camping. Once you've secured your position you are free to customize your loadout with no worries of losing your vehicle to someone with lower ping.

Maps would dictate how many of a given vehicle class can be spawned on the map but other than that the actual vehicle could be something else as long as the faction has it in their arsenal (like on the US team you could choose between an F22 and F35 as a fighter jet).

Planes and attack helos would spawn in the air behind the base, ground armor would spawn from bunkers, all kinds of transport would be stationed at the base (includes transport helo).

If you are the first to enter a vehicle, you would become the designated driver and the vehicle becomes yours. Players can still steal it, but you can kick them out similar to BF2142 (only works with friendlies).


All vehicles, by default, has everything you really need to stand a chance in the battlefield. Counter measures, offensive main gun and secondary are automatically unlocked.

Progression is not limited to that particular vehicle, but goes for all vehicles in that type (similar to pre-BFV games). Some items may not be available to all vehicles in that type, but they would get something equivalent in the same "tier".

Progression is divided to different playstyles, but you're never really locked to the playstyle once you've started to progress in it. If you're in a jet and you first want to focus on dogfighting, then you can earn points for that by going for aircrafts. But maybe you regret that or just don't have any airborne targets, then you can just go after ground targets and earn points for ground attack.

Basically the progression "tree" is only split up so that you can unlock what you want for a given playstyle faster and just skip the "filler" items you wouldn't care about anyway (like unlocking passive radar before laser guided).


Vehicles wouldn't really have a limit how much they could add aside from mounting points. What would be the real limiting factor are the physics.

Adding too much stuff to a vehicle would make it heavy, aerodynamic, and potentially cause it to break if you're not careful. A jet could rip its wings if it tried to pull a Cobra, a tank could kill its engine just by driving a slight incline, etc.


Health does not regenerate at all on the field. You have to either get out and repair it with a tool or go to a resupply depot for auto-regen to start.

Cockpit repair returns, but only for critical systems. Once you're disabled you're very vulnerable and have to repair and then ideally get to a supply point before engaging in combat again.


A new fuel system is introduced, adding more urgency to the combat. Refueling is done automatically through any supply depot and isn't something you have to worry about unless your fuel tank is damaged or you have been away for a very long time.


Vehicle-specific classes makes a return but very limited in terms of arsenal. The pilot would only have a pistol with a couple mags, a medic pouch and a gadget depending on the vehicle type.

Drivers/pilots are responsible for their vehicle, if they bail and the vehicle gets destroyed then that will count as a death. You won't die, but if you do you will get an additional death. If you stay in the vehicle when it gets destroyed then you only get one death.

Dedicated classes has the ability to commandeer their vehicles if a griefy blueberry decides to take your tank out on a spin (like in BF2142).

All drivers/pilots gets a med pouch, a pistol with a couple mags, and a specialized gadget. Tank drivers and helo pilots gets a repair tool to use on the field while plane pilots gets a flare.

Supply depots

Similar to BFV, these would be the places for vehicles to resupply. They wouldn't be placed in stupid places though.

Planes' supply depot is a team-owned airstrip. Resupplying works similar to BF2 and 1942 where flying low over the runway will repair, rearm and refuel your plane. The slower you fly over it the more you resupply. Airstrips are guarded by AI AA, which can be disabled by the enemy team.

Helos are supplied through team-owned helipads and again works the same as airstrips for planes.

Tanks are supplied through depots around the map, team does not matter and they cannot be easily destroyed. Supply on these depots however is not infinite and once depleted has to be resupplied by a support player or commander.


3rd person crosshairs are completely removed for all vehicles, if you want to take accurate shots you have to be in cockpit view. An overlay/tape would not be viable since the vehicle will probably aim off-center depending on its position and movement.

Air Superiority and Tank Superiority returns to give players a guaranteed way to practice and focus on vehicles against other vehicles of the same type.

"Armored Conquest" mode is added where everyone on the server is in a vehicle. This mode has a limited playercount to 24-32 depending on the map as to not make it too much of a clusterfuck. The mode allows all combat vehicles to fight against eachother, health regen for vehicles is a thing in this.

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