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[Other] How to play Battlefield (~game agnostic) | the best rifles in Bf4

Battlefield 1 - [Other] How to play Battlefield (~game agnostic) | the best rifles in Bf4

Since Battlefield 4 has released on Steam, there are a lot of new players. It can be a little frustrating sometimes (not your fault), and I welcome you with open arms! Obviously you can't become a Battlefield god overnight, but here are some basics to get you started.

1.) Read the minimap/map. This will give you a tactical and strategic advantage at all time. Plan ahead and get a sense of what's going on around you. Someone die behind you in an area you thought safe? There's armour where you can't hear it or see it?

2.) Spot. Hold corsshair on someone and press q. This is not true for BfV I believe, but in all other (except Bf1/BfV?) they will be "Spotted" meaning they will get visual indicators and be seen on the minimap/map for a limited amount of time. Helps you, helps your teammates.

3.) Play your class properly. Also should mention the two most powerful/best classes are Engineer (On maps with vehicles) and Assault (No vehicles).

Engineers kill enemy armour, (It's primary function) and repair friendly armour. If you take any armour you should be Engineer. Assault heal (give health to teammates in need – In Bf4 Small medpacks heal faster And heal while you are suppriessed, the big ones don't), and revive (Hold mouse 1 while defibrillator is out to give more health). Support and recon are popular classes amongst beginners, and while they can be very powerful they are much more situational than Engi/Assault. Support drops ammo (And please do that often – especially for engi/recon to help destroy armour) and Recon has Radio – a mobile spawn point excellent to get behind enemy lines.

A common mistake new players do is they have a very high magnification scope. You want as low a magnification while still maintaining usability so you can be effective at closer range too. Most rifles will not be very effective at long ranges so no need for huge scopes. I played quite a bit of recon (Bf4) and I usually stay with an x6 (x8 is common too among better players). Most assault's stay with the Kobra/Coyote sights. Even the little time I spend on Suppor with a bipod (Huge range) I usually stay with Coyote/Kobra.

Don't block other players. This means give some room to players in front of you in case they need to make a quick retreat and don't stand/lie in doorways. You are part of a team, help them!

If you take armour and it's about to die, die with it, or if you jump out make sure you can kill it. You don't want to supply the enemy team with armour!

Bf4 specific section:

Most of the tips should be good for any Battlefield game (with small variations), but I thought I'd tell you the probably best rifles below for Battlefield 4. The thing about rifles is that most are viable, as they are very well balanced. It's mostly about preference and range.


All classes have access to Shotguns, Dmr's and Carbines.

Shotguns are very powerful, especially in Closed Quarters maps. Probably the most powerful all rounded Shotty is the 870. Great distance (for a shotty) and high damage. Saiga is probably the seoncd most powerful for it's high Rate of Fire (RoF). Shotties don't have damage multipliers for headshots.

Carbines have several very powerful options. Imho the best ones are: SG553 (best range of carbines), ACW-R, A-91 (needs heavy barrel for range), and Ace 52 CQB (has decent range despite the name unless you use a silencer) and Mtar. Runner ups are Groza and M4.

DMR's are probably the most underestimated weapons in Battlefield 4. If you wanted to use only one rifle you should probably pick the SKS as it's powerful and effective at all but the longest ranges. The MK 11 is probably runner up.

Class specific weapons. Engineer – Engineers have access to rocket launchers and PDW. I'm not going to write too much about explosives here but if you can master the SRAW you are king of Engis.

PDW, or Personal defense weapons are close to mid range weapons. Most powerful PDWS are : Cz-3A1, Mp7, As Val and as a runner up P90 (Huge magazine). My fav is probably the Mp7.

Assault: The difference between Assault Rifles and Carbines/PDW's is Assault rifle has longer effective range. Effective ranges are: AR's > Carbines > PDW's. The most powerful ones are AEK (Most balanced/well rounded. Good range/damage/reload time), Ace 23 (Great range), Scar-h (Great range), M416 (Good range and damage up close), Famas (Destroyer of faces up close, but still has decent range), M16A4 (Burst only but very accurate and great for long ranged fights), F2000 and Bulldog. Yes, assault has access to a plethory of great guns.

Support: Support has acces to Light Machine Gun, RIfles with huge managzines. If you put a bipod on an LMG you have a very powerful and accurate (proning) weapon in your hands. My favoute ones are the RPK (Almost assault rilfe damage per bullet but smaller magazine) and M249. Support are soft countered by Recons.

Recon: Recons have access to Sniper rifles. If you put up a radio behind enemy lines, use a carbine with a silencer. Out of the Sniper Rifles I play almost excusively L115, with a 6x and a flash hider (Hides you on minimap but less damage reduction than a silencer). Other popular choice are the M40 (fast reload, high bullet drop off), and SRR-61 (good range very slow reload).

Bonus: The best pistols are: Glock G18 (Face melter), .44 Magnum (You can put a scope on it for long range), M9, Runner up M93 and Shorty 12g (Requires good hitreg).

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