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Battlefield 3 - [Other] My Vision For Future Battlefield Game

This is my own personal vision for the future of battlefield, one which encapsulates the feel of what I think Battlefield should be, which is the experience of taking part in a massive battle.

Command Centre:

A room within the online game, where the high commander and squad leaders can strategize, delegate missions and objectives, and communicate with each other. The high commander will be fixed in this room permanently, and will not engage in personal combat on the battlefield. The high commander is selected at the start based on who has the best overall soldier score (see below), but can be voted out by a majority of squad leaders at any time, or can relinquish command to next squad leader in line. If squad leaders call a vote to replace within the room, all squad leaders can vote to elect any other squad leader to replace the high commander. In the event of a tie, the high commander candidate who tied, but has the highest solder score, wins (see below for soldier score). Any player can spectate their squad leader in the high command room at any time, but only squad commanders and the high commander themselves can speak and be heard in it, ping the map, vote, etc.

Within the command centre, the high commander plus all squad leaders gather around a tactical map of the battlefield with real-time information on ally troop locations, and enemy locations (that are available from the scouts or surveillance technologies currently deployed). The map also shows current and proposed battle plans in the form of routes, objectives to take, utility to deploy, etc.

It's important to note that all the commands, requests of specific players to play certain styles or class etc from high command and squad leaders are SUGGESTIONS that pop up on the players screens, they are in no way able to control what you do (although you are rewarded with points for following commands).

There are push to talk buttons binded to both speaking to your squad, and speaking within the command room. There is also a push-to-listen button binded to check in and listen to your squad comms on the battlefield while within the HQ. In this room, the commander and squad leaders plan the battle on the map with pings such as ordered commands, suggestions, confirmations of orders etc. If a squad leader confirms orders on the map with high commander, the orders are then passed on to the squad soldiers on the battle field. The squad leaders can come and go from this room via fast travel (unavailable during combat) to the battlefield as they see fit, and the high command can request their presence in the room as well. Everything imaginable, from step by step routes to take, to requests of smoke grenade from this squad here, flash and clear this building here, etc, can be deployed in this room.

This command centre UI is going to be the single biggest change to the game, incorporating the actual feel of a large-scale battle in to the game, while truly settings itself apart from competitors like cod. Battles will take place over several hours, players can rejoin the previous battle they were a part of at any time. A truly skilled high commander and good squad leaders will win games, with heavily rewarding feelings for players who want to partake in these large-scale operations. The gun-gamers will be rewarded too, the actual battlefield itself will be flooded with high-skill gameplay, assault troops will need to be good gunners to fulfill their missions. Squad leaders will need to organize class structures among their squad mates, and also utility that they bring along to best suit the mission they’ve accepted, the mission that will be for the greater good of the entire battle. Some missions will be so big that they will require multiple squads to accomplish, such as taking this high-rise in downtown of this map, which is so big and so heavily defended that it needs 4 squads to attack simultaneously from the ground while another squad applies air support. Once that objective is taken, squad leaders may wish to reconvene at the HQ to determine the next steps for each squad. Maybe HQ determines that Delta and Echo squads remain, with one squad holding ground floor while another holds the roof, and the other two squads advance down X street to clear these pinged buildings, etc. And Air support moves to a location 10 blocks away to support Alpha squad, which is currently being hammered by the enemies.

Of course, there’s also the end-game commands, such as “all squad leaders get back to the battlefield with your troops and fight, now!”, when one side is close to winning etc. Everything imaginable for an actual battle should be able to be commanded from this room for tactical realism and emersion. Or, perhaps there is a mid-game command such as “everyone abandon your mission immediately. Regroup for redeployment with new orders”, where every soldier would be prompted to redeploy (up to them whether or not they follow that order), and maybe high command has a totally new tactic to respond to the enemies strategy which is currently crushing them. And the entire team (ideally) starts fresh, with re-grouped deployments and clear objectives, and tactics that counter the enemies.

Soldier Score:

Something that almost brings an mmorpg type element to the game. Your decisions and gameplay style will affect your soldier score in the long run, which is viewable by anyone within the game. If you want to be the good guy playing with other good guys focused solely on the greater good of your team, you can earn a score in those metrics that reflects this. If you want to watch the world burn, you can do that too (you troll). Your score will show that and people will be able to surmise from your score metrics that you’re toxic or not.

Your score shows metrics such as:

Efficiency (a score based on your stats from in-game, on the battlefield time, calculated from k/d, score per minute, objective play, orders followed, etc). This basically tells other players how good you are at killing people or achieving objectives on the battlefield.

Social standing (a score based on a feedback system from other players. If you lead your squad well and get reviewed by squad members, if you communicate orders from the high commander efficiently and they review score you, if you follow your squad leader orders and they review you, the reverse reviews from above situations, etc). This is the score that shows whether you’re a team player or toxic.


The two score metrics listed above will affect things such as who you get put in to squads with (toxic players with toxic players that reviewed by teammates as being toxic also, efficient players with efficient players, as much as possible, complimenting preferred play style settings (a balance of medics, support, assault, etc)), and also which side you or your squad are matched with in the battle. It will also determine who the default squad leader is. Squadmates can vote to replace squad leader at any time.

And another item to showcase to other players that can view:

Preffered Playstyle (a preferences menu, able to be modified mid-match, that allows you, the player, to show everyone else what classes, play style, aggressiveness, whether you wish to command, etc, you wish to play like. This is unaffected by your actions, but how you communicate what you want play like.

The Game:

150v150, or 200v200. It’s been done, even bigger. Games have as much as 1000 players online that run just fine, let’s not argue that 300 or 400 players can’t be done. 15x or 20x squads of 10 players each. The matchmaking will attempt to evenly split teams based on soldier score and preferred play style preferences so both teams are as even as possible from the start of the battle.

An operations type mode for the main feature. Taking sectors of the battlefield, but starting in the middle and pushing in each direction until one team captures the other side entirely, or runs out of tickets (1000s of tickets). A typical match should last from 2 to 5 hours. Players can quit, take breaks, rejoin the previous match again as much as possible without penalty (there may be a queue).

A ping system that is detailed beyond what they have done so far will be in game. Aside from squad leaders selecting objective locations through the system, they also request squamates to run specific classes, guides of overall objectives (take B), and steps to achieve objective (smoke this ridge, assault class attack it, scout class mark the enemy locations, medics and support follow behind, then storm down this hill to clear and defend this building, etc). Squad leaders can kick insubordinate players (who will be put in leaderless squads) and offer other teammates to join their squad. Squad leaders can offer trades of players (who aren’t partied together) to fit their individual needs (Squad C needs and medic and Squad D needs another assault player, they offer and accept trade, player traded changes squads on their next death/redeployment). All of these things are done in the HQ room, which the squad leaders can enter at any time in the game. Players can choose to leave their current squad at any time, and request to join any squad (pending leader approval) or be put in to a leaderless squad of other rogue players.

This is a COORDINATED battlefield, a game where everyone can play their part, and a good commander can lead the team to victory. There’s a ton of people who aren’t interested in that shit, and just want to shoot people, well, they are needed too. A lot of people need to fight to overtake these objectives, especially if there’s an important bridge being held by 5 squads for example… that’s 50 people to fight, go get em boi. Feel free to continue running in, killing and dying.

For the run and gun players above that just want to go shoot some people and have fun, you will be matched with a squad of players who are like-minded, maybe you have your preferred style marked as aggressive but objective. A squad leader may be looking for an aggressive player to be first over the hill for their objective and offer you a recruit to squad that you can accept to swap in to. Maybe you set to aggressive and non-compliant to orders, meaning you actually just want to run and gun and not have anyone tell you what to do. It will match you with similar players, you can all run around shooting and having fun, spawn on each other etc. High command will see that your squad preferences are such, as well as your locations, and will not bother relying on you for their tactics. Or, maybe they will work their tactics around what you are doing… A good high commander might recognize that this squad composed of 10 run and gunners with no desire to listen to objectives fighting at this area, and you may wish to support them, or work around their current tactics, or leave them and trust that their style is disrupting the enemy enough on that location of the battlefield that you can command squads elsewhere.

Playing objectives and getting kills get your team in-game score points, which the high commander can then use to recruit armour, air support, tactical strikes, etc. If you have a player that has set their preferences as tank operator, and pings they want tanks, and command repeatedly ignores them and gives tanks recruited to other players etc, then players can review the high commander as inefficient and affect their social score overall… so if you want to command, you have to be willing to play along with and balance the requests of your troops.

Also, still have modes such as team deathmatch with small maps, classic modes etc. If you want a BR mode, make it free so the damn thing doesn’t just die in 2 months. Heavy anti-cheat with hardware bans and phone number verification. Cross-play enabled, at the very least for consoles. If you make the game good enough with decent anti-cheat, PC will be active too, there’s dozens of games that have 6-figure player counts daily on PC. Ongoing map balancing, if one map favours one side too statistically heavy over time, create or remove things such as chokepoints and vantage points to balance the map. Give options to heavily defend captured areas with reinforcing troop types that alter locations with barricades, traps, etc (and give attackers counters). Absolutely no pay-to-win weapon unlocks, but have weapons with different powers be unlockable through in game objectives, nothing too overpowered, but reasons to progress continually, with those players who score highest on objective play and kills being rewarded constantly.

This is my start, to what I would do. I think if you add this level of sophistication to tactics and command, and combine it with tight gunplay, balanced utility, and variety of gameplay style options, that would make for a hell of an experience that could just be updated and supported for years to come. The Grand Theft Auto of shooters, big as hell, supported for the long term, always evolving (with community feedback). Thanks for reading.

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