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[Other] The Case for a “Cold War Gets Hot” Setting for BF6

Battlefield 8 - [Other] The Case for a "Cold War Gets Hot" Setting for BF6

Been thinking about this one for awhile, I believe a WWIII game set somewhere between (or spanning the entirety of, on and off?) the late 50s – early 80s could be an interesting and viable setting for the next Battlefield. Here's a few reasons for this:

  1. The core pillars of modern warfare gameplay without the excess. There's this perfect mix of analogue and digital that I feel can only be explored in this era. Some stuff looks like it'd fit in on the beaches of Normandy, some stuff looks Master Chief could be seen with it. With a game set in this era you get pretty much everything you need for the perfect battlefield game. That's jets, tanks, helicopters, fully automatic assault rifles, suppressors, different sighting systems from guns, etc etc. And this is without the need for any deep anachronism or leaning too heavily into the less believable experimental "believe it or not they made three factory prototypes of these in 1923 so we're giving it to everyone" side of things like they often had to do in BF1 and V. But the big thing for me is you also don't have to lean into all of the near-future drones and tech gadgets that people were getting so sick of with this gen.
  2. Flexible setting and varied maps: Since it's fictional you have to excuse to take us all over the world. The Battle of Berlin. The South China Sea Campaign. The Alaska Theater. The Invasion of Hokkaido. The Caucasus Incursion. The Los Angeles Port Raid. The problem with a game based on an actual conflict is that it's confined entirely to the setting it actually took place in. The most notable option in this era is Vietnam, but in comparison that one little corner of the world is pretty limiting. The devs can really use their imagination here and make some stunning and memorable set pieces.

  3. Guns, guns, guns. What I really like about this era is the weaponry. The world's big players were all manufacturing their own distinct service rifles and equipment. An arsenal with the G3, the M16, the AK-47, the FN FAL, etc in their early iterations, before mass picatinny-railing of every weapon platform, allows their unique character to really pop out. And by the time you get to say the 70s you've got access to the early versions of the vast majority of guns you find in a modern shooter.

  4. Lightly Treaded Ground. Recent Battlefield games seem to want veer away from norm in the AAA shooter market, with an out-of-nowhere WWI shooter and then an, ahem, "alternative" take on WWII. This would really keep with that theme, but with much more creative license allowed. Since it'd be completely fictional, as long as you don't do anything too batshit, you're not going to piss off the history buffs. And at the same time, it'd be a pretty fresh experience. Off the top of my head the original Black Ops is really the only other AAA shooter set in this era, so it's not like anyone will complain that it's been overdone.

Might edit this with some additional points if they come to me. Any thoughts, or ideas for a different setting?

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