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Overshadowed as of late, but the real issue with BFV is Company Coin, and its not a bug.

Battlefield 7 - Overshadowed as of late, but the real issue with BFV is Company Coin, and its not a bug.

Despite all the commotion regarding the TTK (yet another trainwreck EA/DICE has lead themselves into), the most alarming and fundamental issue with the game is the free-to-play-esque, pay-to-win-esque grind for flat out upgrades to weapons and vehicles that it has. This game I honestly think may be worse than SWBF2 was on release, and that was a disaster.

TL:DR; At my top 10% SPM, it will take 10 straight game-time days or more realistically 122 consecutive days of an hour playing and all three challenges a to get enough CC to unlock the upgrades for the base game. Probably 200 days to catch up to the DLC. That ignoring the time spent to get to level 50. Even if they fix it so every time you hit 35,000 XP, it will still take 44 realistic days after hitting level 50 to have enough CC.


There is 30 primary weapons in the base game, all which need 2100 CC. Though I think the starting four didn’t need any, so let’s call it 26. There are 19 vehicles, each needing 3000 CC. So you need 111,600 CC to unlock everything. Surely by level 50, the level cap, you would have finished this? Wrong. You’d think only a F2P game would do something so slimy, BF1 gave you enough currency for everything by level 70 which was easy to hit, but here we are in BFV with level cap not even being close to hitting getting enough currency. Level 1 to 50 give you 40,000 CC, leaving you 71,600 CC short. Well under half. I’ve personally put in 2 days of play time and have a SPM is in the top 10%, and I still have 61,200 CC to go! 10,400 earned beyond level 50.

My earn rate now that I’ve hit the cap? Who the hell really knows given they do their best to hide it, but it’s awful. It’s “bugged” so the community believes. However, I’m fairly certain this is working exactly as intended, other than some UI bugs. If it was a simple bug, they would have fixed it, it been almost two months. What they are doing is thinking how they are going to revamp it to avoid backlash given everyone hates the system but is under the impression it is bugged. I can get 300 CC per day in a straight forward manor, assuming I want to do annoying challenges like play the travesty that is TDM or spend a whole round dedicated to using useless or annoying features like kills with trip mines, only on the scout class and not medic or support, and in place of the spawn beacon which is the only gadget worth a damn the class has. The game appears to show that I should be earning 1000 CC when I hit level 50 again, which I would assume is every 35,000 XP. However, this doesn’t happen. So what does? Well, I have a 2,100,000 XP, level 50 is a cumulative 1,477,500 XP, it’s been 30 days since the regular edition came out, I have 48 hours played, I play maybe 5 days a week, and I do the dailies even if they suck.

So firstly, 5/7 * 30 is 21. I have done 21 daily challenges, three a day, each for 100 CC. So 6300 CC from daily challenges. That means I have earned 4100 CC since hitting level 50 from the mystery “bugged” source. I have 2,100,00 XP. I can get this from battletracker, add the round score, the bonus score, and the award score. The general score is your total, but it stops tracking after level 50. From a under level 50 player you can see that round, award, and bonus equal the general score, your true score. So 70% of my time was hitting level 50, 30% after. So I have 622500 XP gained after level 50, and 14.4 hours played. So I’m earning a whopping 285 CC per hour, or 230 CC per 35,000 XP. That’s less than a quarter of the earning rate before you hit level 50. Over 7 hours of girnding to upgrade a single gun, over 10 for a single vehicle. And thats with a well above average SPM, assuming that even matters to their mystery algorithm.

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So with say 1 hour each day at my top 10% SPM and going for all the daily challenges even if they suck, it would take me 122 consecutive days to unlock everything. Oh, and each new weapon they add increases that by 4 days, each vehicle 5 days. They are adding three weapons this month, so add 12 days per month the game is out. In the 122 days it would take me to get the base game, it would add another 48 days needed. That 48 days would add another 20 days to unlock them. We’re looking at about 200 days of an hour per day and all three challenges before I’m caught up and can unlock all the upgrades. If you grinded it out non stop, it’s ten days of game time.

Even if this is a bug and they fix it to the 1000 CC per 35,000 XP it seems like it should be, I’m earning that in about ¾ of an hour. Again, with top 10% SPM. Could be double for your average player. So I’m getting 1333 CC per hour. So 1633 CC per day, assuming an hour and all three challenges. That’s still taking 44 days to unlock the upgrades, even if they fix this to the best case scenario we are assuming it is without the “bug”. That is of course on top of the month or so to get to level 50 at an hour per day every day.



Now, a few other things to consider:

  • Why the hell do I need to purchase these items if I’ve already unlocked them via a levelling system? That’s just asinine. Pick a unlock system and stick with it. There’s no need for the currency to unlocks the upgrades, they leveling is enough on its own.

  • Why are they upgrades? This isn’t an single player RPG, it apparently wasn’t supposed to be pay-to-win, it should be balanced and fair to new players. Why am I flat out applying significant objective upgrades to weapons and vehicles as I grind? Weapons get massive buffs with no downside unlike previous game attachment or variants like larger magazines, higher RoF, better accuracy, faster ADS, etc. Vehicles get fundamental abilities they were originally lacking and massive statistical buffs. These aren’t at all like BF1 variants (which you were guaranteed enough currency to get all of level 70 which was reasonably quick). They aren’t at all like BF4 attachments which had tradeoffs, plus you could get all the unique ones by using a gun for a couple rounds. These aren’t the gold skins (which should be a grind). These aren’t the outfits which will support the game with microtransations. We’re talking flat out advantages here that are more or less required to use something in its balanced form are taking this long to unlock.

  • Why is this game so damn grindy compared to past titles? Well CC happens to be shared with the cosmetics, and they are going to want you to buy those with the real money premium currency, so of course CC is going to be hard and grindy to come by.

  • Buy any skin whatsoever and the amount of grind I’ve calculated goes way up. One okay 15000 CC outfit is like 52 fu*king hours of post level 50 grinding added to you timeline to get all your unlocks.

  • Why do functional upgrade unlocks and cosmetics needs to share the same currency? They could have had their own one. We could earn CC for unlocks and then earn a small amount of BC, the one that will be sold later, for cosmetics separately.

  • Miss the laughable one week period that a new gun is available to earn? Too bad, you’ll just have to earn more CC to get it later. Seriously, this is obscene, look at CoD or Fortnite with the same season structure and you have the entire period, not segmented weeks. Oh, and the challenges themselves are bugged.

  • Even if CC is shared by functional unlocks and cosmetics, why do unlocks need to be so expensive that they are hard to earn if they can just set the cosmetics way higher?

  • CC earning tanks after level 50. If it's a bug, why has such a simple bug not been fixed and only being "looked at" after two months from early release?

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Taking this bullshit grind, the simple slow earning “bug” they haven’t been able to sort out in almost two months since the early access release, and the fact there is absolute no reason why whatsoever why we should be using a currency shared with microtransaction skins to unlock flat out powerful upgrades that are already level locked and it becomes pretty clear what’s going on. This is a freemium style borderline pay-to-win grind game that trying its hardest to force you to buy skins with real money. But they aren’t just forcing this on you through tempting skins like say fortnite, they are intertwining it with an excessive grind that has direct impacts on your gameplay and the availability of launch content to you.


The link between grinding for functional upgrades and their cosmetic monetization scheme we absolutely need to demand to be broken or weakened:

  • lower upgrade costs, refund people the extra they have spent. Or the inverse, increase earning rate and daily challenge payoff, increase cosmetic prices but leave upgrades the same.

  • Isolate CC from BC. CC earned at a good rate and only for upgrades. BC earned at slow rate or bought for money, only for cosmetics.

  • Leave CC only for cosmetics. Leave upgrades to the leveling system already in place.

  • Remove the whole concept of upgrading. Just give every all weapons, gadgets, vehicles, perks, and upgrades to chose from. This isn’t 2008, not every game needs to try and be CoD4 now, lots of games like overwatch or fornite are doing fine with absolutely no functional item progression. We have lots of cosmetic options now, leave the progression to that and let people play the damn game.

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