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Player Counts for every Battlefield game!

Battlefield 6 - Player Counts for every Battlefield game!

So for the last few months and with the anticipation that the community has for the new Battlefield, i see more and more questions if the X Battlefield title worth getting it/if its populated etc. So, i decided to make a post about every Battlefield's game population. My first Bf game was Bad Company 2 and for the last few months, i created a Bf Youtube Channel so i am playing regularly every modern Battlefield game on PC (yeap Hardline included). Take into consideration, that i play on PC/Europe and usually on peak hours.

Bad Company 2 (Community Servers only):

  • Conquest: You can find multiple servers with all maps on rotation and even some servers with specific servers (Harvest Day, Arica Harbor, Heavy Metal are the most common).
  • Rush: Rush is populated also. You can find easily servers with all maps on rotation and also there are some servers with specific maps (like Valparaiso) available.
  • Squad Deathmatch: For the most part, you can find 2-4 servers. Isla Inocentes is by far the most popular map, also there is an Arica Harbor Hardcore only server. As for the other maps, it's near impossible to play.
  • Squad Rush: For the most part it's impossible to find a populated server for Squad Rush.

Bad Company 2 Vietnam (Community Servers only):

  • Conquest: You can find 1-2 populated servers.
  • Rush: At best 1 server active.
  • Squad Deathmatch: At best 1 server active.

*** In both BC2 and BC2 Vietnam there are lots of modded servers. That means that they have different "rules" like infinite ammo, infinite medpacks, More XP awarded etc.

Battlefield 3 (Community Servers only):

  • Conquest: Lots of servers with all vanilla maps on rotation. As for dlc maps, there are 1-2 fully populated servers with all dlc maps.
  • TDM: Most TDM servers are Noshahr Canals only. You can also find a few servers with other maps on rotation (Vanilla/Infantry maps).
  • Rush: Rush is active. You can find specific maps only (like Damavand Peak only servers) and servers with all infantry maps on rotation (Vanilla).
  • Premium maps/modes: Except Conquest servers, it's difficult to find Premium servers with other game modes consistently. Some maps/modes combos are easier to find (There is an active Ziba Tower/Gunmaster server for example), but your best bet is to join mix servers. From the other modes Domination and CTF are relatively active.
  • Extinct game modes: Tank Superiority and Squad Rush.

Battlefield 4 (Community Servers only):

  • Conquest: Lots of servers with all maps on rotation. Decent amount of servers with dlc maps. Also servers with one map only on rotation (like Shanghai, Golmud, Locker, Silk Road etc).
  • TDM: Lots of servers with vanilla maps. As for dlc maps, there is an 24/7 Silk Road server.
  • Rush: You can find some Rush with vanilla maps on rotation and a couple servers with dlc maps on rotation. Most servers are 64 players Rush which isn't a very fun experience for me personally.
  • Mixed Servers: There are a couple servers that run multiple modes (like CTF/Obliteration/Rush/Domination/Carrier Assault) on rotation.
  • Gun master: Surprisingly there are multiple servers for this game mode.
  • Premium maps/modes: Other than mixed servers you can find servers with specific modes on rotation (like Chainlink, Air Superiority).
  • Extinct game modes: Defuse.

Battlefield Hardline (Community Servers only):

  • The least populated Bf game by far. You can find 1-2 populated Conquest Vanilla servers (64 players) that from time to time have other modes on rotation (like TDM and Blood Money). Also there are active 1-2 servers with smaller game modes (Rescue, Squad Heist, Crosshair) that include dlc maps also.
  • Extinct game modes: Hotwire and Heist.

Battlefield 1 (Official and Community servers):

  • Conquest: Fully populated with vanilla+mixed servers.
  • Operations: Lots of servers active. Although the Vanilla maps Ops are easier to find.
  • TDM: Populated with vanilla+mixed servers active.
  • Rush/Domination: Your best bet is to find 1-2 Community servers active for these modes.
  • Frontlines: 1-3 active servers.
  • Shock Ops: 1-3 active servers.
  • War Pigeons: You can find a server from time to time.
  • Hardcore servers: Official Hardcore servers are always empty. Your best option is to find Community servers.
  • Extinct game modes: Supply Drop, Back to Basics, Air Assault.

*** Official Mixed Servers have all maps on rotation (vanilla and premium).

Battlefield 5 (Official and Community Servers):

  • Conquest: Lots of servers (both Tactical and Strategic playlists).
  • Breakthrough: Lots of servers active.
  • TDM: The 3rd most active game mode, multiple TDM servers active.
  • Grand Ops: 1-3 servers active.
  • Outpost: 1-2 servers active.
  • Community servers: There are a dozen community servers available. Most of them have Hardcore rules. Also you can find Operation Underground only servers, Squad Conquest servers and maybe 1-2 servers with 32 player game modes (Rush/Frontlines/Domination).
  • Firestorm: Good question! A haven't played Firestorm in a while, a few months ago, it had long queue times and the round started with 20-40 players so i don't think that it's very populated.

If i would rank the Bf games based on player counts:


*** Bf5, Bf1, Bf4 are populated and you can easily find LOTS of servers active. Again my estimations are for PC/Europe. For other Regions and Consoles i don't know.

*** Anyone who has questions/feedback feel free to write them in the comments!

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