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Please don’t downvote, but BF 6 will likely have a Battle Royale. Here’s what BF6 BR should keep (and remove) from Firestorm for it to be a success.

Battlefield 8 - Please don't downvote, but BF 6 will likely have a Battle Royale. Here's what BF6 BR should keep (and remove) from Firestorm for it to be a success.

Please don't downvote, but BF 6 will likely have a Battle Royale. Here's what BF6 BR should keep (and remove) from Firestorm for it to be a success.
I know the community very much doesn't want a Battle Royale for fear of taking away resources from standard MP. I get that, I honestly do, but DICE/EA will likely include it anyway so we might as well have a discussion on how that potential Battle Royale mode should play like. Hopefully some of the feedback from this thread will go up the grape vine and give them some ideas.
Anyway, I currently have almost 200 hours in Firestorm, 100 hours in PUBG and Warzone and these are my suggestions:

  1. Keep Firestorm's TTK

Firestorm's TTK is excellent, neither too long nor too short. It allows you to react if you're ambushed or caught off guard, meaning you don't automatically die like you do in Warzone now. However, it's not too long that patient plays and ambushes don't have a kill advantage reward.
On paper, PUBG has a faster TTK but it's balanced out because guns are harder to control.

  1. Don't grind for new guns or unlocking attachments

What I mean by this is that all guns and attachments in BF6 BR should be obtainable in-match like with Firestorm and PUBG.

In Warzone, most people kit out their guns in the pre-match using the weapon smith and then buy them using a loadout drop when in game.

The system is ok in principle, except that new players have to grind for hundreds of hours to level up guns and unlock attachments just so they can be competitive.

No matter their skill level, new Warzone players are disadvantaged against older ones simply because older players have a fully kitted out FFAR, while new players have a crappy M4A1 with 0 attachments.
Firestorm should not adopt this model because it will descourage existing Warzone players from jumping ship. Think about it, why would any Warzone player throw away 200 hours or more of grind in one game, only to do it again in BF6 BR? They won't, so that's why the system shouldn't be in game.

  1. Keep Firestorm's map design, but make the map bigger and with more points of interest

Firestorm's overall map design is fantastic for combat. When playing Firestorm, you very rarely feel like the circle has screwed you over. There's cover basically everywhere: hills, rocks, trees, cliffs, mountains, rivers etc.


That being said, Firestorm is a relatively boring map to play on, since it has very few points of interest and fun locations, unlike both Warzone and PUBG.

Currently, both Warzone and Firestorm have a 3x3km map, meaning 9km2. PUBG's smallest main map, Sanhok is 4×4, so 16km2. That's basically almost 2x the size.

If BF6 BR will have 100 more players, I think the map should be 4×4 or 5×5 km. It would be a great balance between a more fast paced shooter, and a survival game.

  1. Remove tanks from the game

Firestorm currently has tanks in the game. They're very weak and not that good, but they're simply not fun to play against. You ALWAYS have to keep lots of AT weapons in your inventory simply because someone out there decides they want to roll with a tank.

It also takes a lot of time to destroy a tank, during which you can be ambushed and 3rd partied by other players so it's not that fun either.

Armored cars and helicopters are awesome, but tanks really need to go.

  1. Keep the destruction and make more things destructable

Destruction is awesome in Firestorm, but it wasn't well implemented. Buildings should be destroyable from top to bottom like in Bad Company 2, even if it takes a long time to do that. it will give the game a sense of progression and gives you more options to pull out a camper from a building.

  1. Keep the Firestorm objective system, safe boxes, air plane drops and add more mini objectives

Firestorm does mini objectives amazingly well since you'll often spend the game going from one objective to another, searching for safe boxes or airplane drops in order to get good guns, lvl 3 armor or V1 / artillery strikes.
It gives an awesome sense of progression to the game and creates hotspots where players fight with one another to get the best gear in the game.

  1. Add long range gameplay, with good scopes and decent sniper weapons

Both Warzone and PUBG have strong snipers and DMR's for long range combat. Firestorm is terrible in this aspect, since maximum scope available in the game is a 3x. Not only that, but a K98k doesn't kill someone with 1 headshot. If the enemy has lvl 3 armor, it will take 1 headshot and 2 bodyshots to kill them which is just…lol.

Anyway, those are all the suggestions I had for BF6 BR, if they add it.

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