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Precisely why BFV’s scope/reticle is terrible. (and maybe an insight into long-distance accuracy)

Battlefield 6 - Precisely why BFV's scope/reticle is terrible. (and maybe an insight into long-distance accuracy)

To start, I love Battlefield. I have been a fan of the franchise and a player of every Battlefield since Bad Company 2. It's no secret in the BFV community that people are unhappy with the lack of ability to change the reticle as has previously been the option in other Battlefield games. This post is to explain (in my opinion) why Dice's choice of reticle is particularly terrible. When playing recon and making shots at long distance, I realized my accuracy was horrible. I missed most shots, and I pretty much gave up on accurate long-distance sniping altogether. When the "range" option came out with the most recent patch, I started some investigation.

A little background:

The German #1 reticle (which is actually the closest option in BF1 to the current reticle) was designed so that the point of impact should be at the tip of the pointed central post. And indeed, that is where the point of impact was in BF1, which I've been used to.

The post and crosshair reticle was designed a little differently. Now a "vintage" reticle, it was introduced at a time when most people were used to using iron sights consisting of a vertical front "post", and crosshairs were unfamiliar. People often would use a "pumpkin on a post" or "6 o'clock hold" sight picture for accurate long distance shooting, so as to not subtend the front sight post over your target. It's much more difficult to consistently place the same amount of front sight post directly over the target, and by placing the front sight post just under the intended point of impact, shots become much more reproducible/accurate. So the post and crosshairs design was essentially meant to reproduce a front sight post as much as possible. That's why the post and crosshair reticles were designed with a flat top. The side crosshairs were actually not meant to demonstrate a point of impact on the post, but rather provide the shooter with a way to help level the scope.

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This brings us to Battlefield V's reticle. I have never seen, nor heard of, nor can I find this reticle anywhere on any scope that's ever existed to my knowledge. It seems to be some strange lovechild of the "German #1" and "post and crosshair" reticles. They decided to use a pointed fence style post (like the German #1), with connecting horizontal crosshairs. The issue is that the point of impact is NOT above or at the tip of the post as the two parent reticles were designed to be used, but as demonstrated in this video (pay attention to what registers as a head vs. bodyshot) rather at the level at which the crosshairs intersect the post. The point of impact is not only less accurate (at the thick portion of the verticle post), but now there's a completely useless triangle hanging out above the point of impact that seems to serve no other purpose than obscuring more of your sight picture (and misleading you). At close ranges this doesn't make much of a difference, but when shooting at ~100m+, it's the difference between a headshot and a bodyshot (as you can see in the video). Using this reticle is the opposite of intuitive. I have to actively think to aim higher than the natural point of aim at the tip of the pointed post.

I know the battlefield franchise likes to pride itself on historic accuracy whenever possible.. so please, Dice: Either fix the point of impact to the tip of the post (where it's designed to be), or just abandon the mutant reticle altogether and give us options of extant reticles which work as they were designed.

tl;dr the point of impact is in the wrong place

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