Battlefield 5

PSA: Advice from a tanker

Battlefield 4 - PSA: Advice from a tanker

I'd like to preface that I generally play Frontlines where it is extremely rare to have more than one tank on each team active at a time.

First bunch are for passengers:

1) if you join my tank and hop onto a machine gun, I know it is super exciting that they have unlimited ammo, but please don't spam shoot for fun unless you either have a target or are attempting to suppress someone. By randomly shooting into the air/ground/whatever you are giving away the location of the tank to every Assault/Support/Artillery/Tank in vicinity, thus shortening the life span of the both of us.

2) use the 'spotting' marker if there are infantry, tanks, areas of importance for me to focus on. I get that not everyone uses a mic, and that's cool, but marking areas is a great way to communicate where the baddies are.

3) if you are going to crowd surf the tank, please do it in the rear of the vehicle and hop off if it looks like I am going to engage. People that fart around on the front of the tank or near the turrent can block my first person view if I am aiming.

4) please support me if you can. I play BF to PTFO, but this can be extremely hard near the objective. As infantry, if you want easy kills, people are going to go ADD and focus all their attention on me. As infantry this means easier kills for you. Speaking of Support, don't be afraid to repair your friendly tanker!

5) repair the supply stations! Any class can do this, just open your toolbox. It looks like a few palets, winch/pulley, and gas can. This allows me to repair to 100% and resuppy all my ammo and fancy tricks.

6) if I am driving away from the front I likely need to resupply, so this is a good time to hop out and do infantry things or get a drink.

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7) did I mention not to aimlessly shoot the machine gun to give away my position?

8) jumping in and out of the tank often blocks the first person view for the driver, please keep this in mind when I am driving, engaging, etc


For tank drivers:

1) please don't go balls to the wall hard charging into the middle of an objective. Every assault/tank/support will salivate over who will kill you first. Ease into the objective, if you feel it is heavily crowded by enemy keep your distance and do your best to support fellow infantry from range.

2) if the objective is full of defending infantry don't hesitate to shell buildings and randomly MMG windows.

3) don't drive on roads if you don't have to. All it takes is a few close proximity mines to kill a tank.

4) point the front of your hull towards whatever you are fighting. If it is a point make sure there aren't huge rocks in front of you if you have a front gunner, that way they can participate too. If you are solo use appropriate cover and/or concealment to obscure your location.

5) use smokes the second you get hit. Never know what'll follow and it is best to make a hasty retreat to repair or replace one.

6) pick the right take for the right job. Got to travel a super long distance to the fight, maybe take a light or medium tank for the speed. Need to kill a lot of infantry? Maybe consider an AA tank or light tank. Need to kill that camping tiger way out of reach and with hard cover protecting most of it's hull? Maybe bring a medium/heavy tank since it could 2 shot your staghound if you can't run and gun.

7) don't be predictable. Stay mobile. Use 3rd person every other shot to make sure no infantry are sneaking up on you. The worst thing that can happen is you go first person and get overly focused letting that one fully loaded assault sneak up on you and smoke your tank instantly.

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Somewhat short and sweet! Hope this helps! Apologizes in advance for typos and grammar as it is 0400 and I typed this all up on my phone. Happy hunting!

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