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Battlefield 7 - PSA: Tips for Support Players

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I love playing the support class, loved it in BF4, in BF1 and now in V, so here are some tips for new players to the support class, feel free to add your own below:


  • Don't build fortifications for the enemy. Only do them facing the direction of the enemy.
  • Stand in the fortifications while building them especially the barbed wire, makes it easier and if you get shot you can duck into cover quicker.
  • On conquest dig the trenches and fortifications at the "gimme" flags while you're capping, bonus points and helps your team with defending, you never know who's gonna rush you at the start.
  • Build the AA, AT and AP emplacements, the rest of the team can't.
  • Don't build tank traps in your teams flags, you'll only annoy your own tanks, build them on the enemies side.
  • Don't build fortifications until the transports and tanks have rolled by in a round start, you'll only have to do them again.

Repair Tool

  • Repair your damn teams' tanks, Every time I can I repair a tank and you can tell the tanker is appreciative of it, get in and be a gunner, or use it as cover and defend them, jump out and repair when it's safe.


  • Throw ammo all around you at the beginning of the match, keep doing it.
  • Get the Ammo Crate as that resupplies ammo and gadgets, when defending it can be a lifesaver for your team.
  • Build the ammo and med stations on the flags, destroy them at the enemies "gimme" flags, especially if you're on your own and annoying them, an AT mine or two placed next to it and firing at it is a good way to do it, resupply before destroying.
  • Build the tank resupply stations or repair them only in your teams "half" most tanks won't make it to the other teams side, destroy the ones on the enemies "gimme" flags
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  • If you're running with the MG34 or MG42 out in the open jump back and prone, bipod will be deployed and it's better than proning forward as you look like a downed enemy waiting for revive, you can even scan around like this as it looks like you're looking for a medic to revive you.
  • Wait for the crowd to pass, don't fire at everyone especially if you hear a ton of enemies, wait till they've gone past and shoot them in the back.
  • Place AT mines down on routes but not all in a line, they're easy to spot, you can disable a tank with one so cover three routes with three mines. Place them just over the crest of a hill or in terrain that can offer some cover for them, out in the open on a route they're easy to spot.
  • Use the Machine Gunner specialisation to get a form of spotting back, lay some fire down at an enemy enough and a circle will appear above their heads, fire just under it. Useful on Twisted and Arras as you can fire through the grass, trees and bushes.
  • The AT launcher is good for harassing tanks or taking out light transport vehicles, it's also good for pinging enemies in buildings as they won't be able to run away like with a normal grenade.
  • The MG34 and 42 can be used offensively, those things shred enemies at CQB, you can rush a building and sweep it quite easily, just because they're for bipod doesn't mean that's all they can do.


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