Battlefield 5

Quick Update from the Team: End of Round Reports

Battlefield 2 - Quick Update from the Team: End of Round Reports

Hey folks,

Wanted to provide you all with an update on the End of Round Issues that you will have encountered since we set update 6.2 live yesterday.

I'll put the most important information here at the top, and if you're interested in the detail, I'll put that below.

What's Happening? You're not receiving an end of round report at the end of all matches that you play. It's not you, it's us.
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How does this affect me? If you're above level 50, have most the guns unlocked from Class Progression and Vehicle Progression, If have ranked them all up to rank 4, then the impact to your experience playing this weekend is pretty minor. If you're new to Battlefield and on the grind, you're going to run into instances where you're not getting the correct access to unlocks despite the game saying you have unlocked them mid round.
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Is my progress being tracked? Yes. 100%. Right now you're not seeing this take effect in the game, but you are absolutely still progressing. Until we can fix the issue, you won't see it reflected in game, but once it's fixed, we can give you all your progress back in one big chunk.
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When can you fix this? Presently we expect this gets fixed on Tuesday, early next week, and it will be a backend update. You won't need to do anything, this is just a case of waiting for us to get things back in order. Once it's fixed, the next rank up you do in game will trigger the restoration. If you're max rank in something, a simple round completion will trigger the restoration.

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If you have questions – I'll be checking the thread all weekend and will help to answer what I can

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Here's the longer version of all that!

With this patch we've looked to rework our systems and eliminate the 'Failed to fetch your report' issue that folks have often bumped into when finishing a round.

For 6.2 we implemented a new system in our backend to help to better manage the delivery of end of round reports that would put a stop to the original issues, though we aware that we were shipping this change with a known issue – the first round that a server ran, it would fail to deliver all reports to all players.


As this only affected the opening round of a server (that's not your first round played each time that you load onto a server, just the first round that server plays for the players that are there at the time), we were happy that this was the lesser of two evils as we knew we could fix the known issue in one of our next updates.

So what went wrong? Simply put the new system overwhelmed a central point of dependency for us internally, and it's highlighted a need for us to change our load testing to ensure we see catch this type of stuff again during future testing.

Presently, we are tracking your progress when you're playing Battlefield V. I want to be super clear on that. If you've played yesterday or today, and go on to play through the weekend, your progress is being tracked and will be restored to you once we've deployed our fix early next week.

If you're curious why it's an issue – in order for the game to recognize that you have properly leveled up (be that your soldier, vehicle, or weapon), it needs to deliver these reports to you at end of round and right now that's not happening. We still have them, and so when the system is fixed the game knows to request these outstanding reports when it detects that you've triggered a level up/rank up, and things will come back into sync.

Today we started to develop a new server client that changes the configuration concerning report management, and this has now been submitted for extensive load and quality testing this weekend. The teams will work throughout the weekend on that, and give us Monday to finalize and confirm that process. I'm then expecting to be able to give you a further update to all of this Monday evening, and also confirm that we will deploy a backend server update on Tuesday to get things back in order.

It's a frustrating experience for us, we're not happy that we'll head into the weekend with this issue. 6.2 has been received really well so far and it's been heart warming to see so many folks jumping in and having fun. Apologies from all of us, we're on the case.

Do otherwise play on this weekend! Progress is being saved, and we'll have things right early next week.

Big thanks for your patience,

Freeman // PartWelsh

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