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Battlefield 3 - Reinforcement Ideas

I saw that some people were proposing new ideas for Squad Reinforcements, and I thought I'd do the same here. Let me know what you think or if you have ideas of your own.

Air Drop: Spawns a troop transport plane (like in the Airborne gametype) that lets your team para-drop onto the battlefield. The plane only makes one drop and flies off the map. Players that don't jump out are returned to the spawn screen. 25,000 points. One per squad, and only one squad at a time.

Railway Gun: Lets you call in one precision anti-tank artillery strike. Does very little splash damage to infantry and has a small AOE, but does heavy tank damage. Light tanks are susceptible to being one-hit-killed if the artillery shot is ideal. Would only be viable on stationary tanks. Has a flight time of 6-10 seconds. 15,000 points. Two per squad.

Flamethrower: Drops a Battlefield 1 style flamethrower kit in a canister. Does not provide additional health, but can be picked up by other players until the tank is depleted. Cannot be resupplied. Replaces your primary weapon only. 15,000 points. One per squad and one at a time.

Panzerbüchse 39 / Boys Anti Tank Rifle: Faction specific anti tank rifles that drop in a canister. Function is similar to the "Tank Hunter" kit from Battlefield 1, but as with the flamethrower, they do not provide additional health, cannot be resupplied, and take place of your primary weapon. Must be prone to deploy anti tank gun. 18,000 points. One per squad and one at a time.


Battlecry: For 30 seconds, provides a 20% increase in running speed, eliminates suppression, and increases reload speed by 20%. Buff is applied to every member of a squad automatically, but the Squad Leader has an AOE that can buff regular teammates as well. 10,000 points. One per squad.

Velociraptors: Spawns a pack of 3 V. mongoliensis on the map. The pack then proceeds to hunt and kill every squad leader on the enemy team. Conversely, killing an enemy velociraptor will grant you a SPAS-12 shotgun with unlimited ammunition, preceded by the in game voice line, "clever girl." Velociraptors wear the faction appropriate attire depending on who called them in. 69,420 points. One per team.

T-Rex: Spawns a tyrannosaurus rex with a saddle. 10,000 points. One per team.

T-Rex with under-slung MG-42 machine guns: Self explanatory. 15,000 points for one, or 25,000 for two. Limited time offer. Must have cupon. One per team (or two if you have the cupon.)

Mad Jack Churchill: Upon call-in, John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, or "Mad Jack," will be added to the team as a 33rd player. Wields only a Scottish Broadsword and has 1000 HP, as is historically accurate. May only be called by the Allies. 0 points. One per round.

Cuppa Tea / Bratwurst: Faction specific. Doesn't do anything but show up in your inventory. 11 points. Unlimited call-ins.

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