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Battlefield 6 - Remembering [BF3]

Plain and simple, I think DICE needs to remaster Battlefield 3.

It's arguably their masterpiece, and it never saw time on the current gen consoles, so most people playing Battlefield today never experienced the glory that is BF3. And I don't trust them to make a brand new game at the moment.

Just think about all the memories…

Jumping off the helipad during Rush on Damavand Peak

Remembering when the USAS-12 shot nuclear bombs at people

Getting sniped by an M98B with a 12x scope from the spawn mountains on Operation Firestorm

Suppression feeling like you're in a near death experience

Putting your life and KD on the line just to flex your ACB-90

When you could actually strap C4 to the VDV Buggy and make the infamous Jihad Jeep

Glitching onto the overpass on Tehran Highway

The gunplay and gameplay being fast-paced, requiring tactical skills, and actual teamwork

Putting the Kobra sight on basically every single weapon

Teammates crashing jets into you all the time

Throwing grenades and jump-shooting on the right side staircase for 30 minutes straight on Operation Metro

Remembering when Trollin Dem Noobs first uploaded

How hype we all got to shoot down cubical walls on the Close Quarters maps

The never ending battle with snipers dropping spawn beacons over and over again

Asking the oblivious Support guy for ammo 50 times


The LFVs parachuting from the C130 in the End Game DLC

Sitting in the absolute cluster fuck that is the alleyway on Grand Bazaar instead of just going around it

Playing co-op with people who can't speak English

Noshar "Nosehair" Canals, possibly the best TDM map in all of the Battlefield franchise

Jumping out of jets and sniping enemy pilots

Scrambling for your life to get the last MCOM on Kharg Island

The Tank Superiority gamemode on those massive maps, putting World of Tanks to shame

The tower falling in Caspian Border, taking all the snipers with it

The earthquakes, zombie apocalypse vehicles, and crossbow from the Aftermath DLC

Skimming the Cobra chopper 3 meters off the ground

Doing dirtbike stunts on Operation Riverside

And the list goes on. So many "Only in Battlefield" moments and memories. BF has lost its flair and chaotic sandbox feel. And it seems too easy now, compared to how fast paced and overwhelming BF3 was. I played that game probably more than any other game I've had. From launch in 2011 until 2016, everyday. Truly, one of the best games I have ever played.

If DICE and EA spontaneously do better somehow, remastering BF3 is one of the best things they could possibly do.

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