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Battlefield 4 - Reminiscing BF3

I got to know this game by chance. It was when I was traveling UK with my Family. We were on a bus passing under a bridge and there was a huge poster of a soldier with a bolognaise spilled on the right side of his body with a date of release on it. It didn't mention any name or something that can help.

I was super intrigued and when I came back to Korea, I started searching. I find out a caspian border trailer on youtube and it shocked the fuck out of me. The only FPS game that I know back then was a game called "SuddenAttack" which is basically a knock-off Counter Strike in Korean version but way worse. Many Koreans back then were used to games that you don't need to pay to play but to play better, you need to put actual money in it. (This applies to most of the games that Koreans played back then except for Starwars).

Anyway I was 13 years old and I had no money so I bought an account on the internet. It's safe to say that I was so fucking hyped to play it. The first map I played was Damavand peak. I played as a sniper and I didn't know what was going on at all lol. I played about 1 hour and my mom came back. I had to hide it from my parents since they were super strict and I shouldn't have been playing that day.


Even though I took some time to understand how this game works on a laptop that only manages to give 30 FPS and crashes every time, I sincerly loved every single moment. I still remember people that I played with and all the fun that I had. Laying on belly with a sniper in a little hall in damavand peak tunnel, rush mods in metro, base ra**ing russian base with snipers. They were all such a good moments. It was a stupid of me to have sold my account because I had to study in high school.

For me BF4 doesn't even come near to BF3. There were some improvements when it comes to vehicles especially helicopters but It's just not as immersive and as fun as BF3. BF4 maps are just immense without any creativities and characteristics. I can name all the vanilla maps easily in BF3 but it takes some time for BF4 even though I'm currently playing it.

Every DLC had a theme which makes it special and unique. Even though I can't name any of them, I remember how they look like.

BF4 graphics are good but it's just not my type. BF3 textures were rough and realistic imo. On the other hand, BF4 one's is as if you flatten everything with iron to make it look neat but you killed all the characteristics with it.

Writing this made me smile so much! I'd turn back time just to play this game again when it came out. Take this comparaison with a grain of salt however. Nostalgy plays much part.

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