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So I played CQ core today and holy fu*k, *it was so god damn sweaty and it felt amazing.*

Battlefield 6 - So I played CQ core today and holy fu*k, *it was so god damn sweaty and it felt amazing.*

Despite my recent negativity on here in some of my comments and posts I gotta say that after deciding to get back in BFV after a couple days because my mates wanted to play it with me really bad, we decided to go back into the CQ core since we liked the game on the old values but the gameplay experience we got was not what I was expecting at all and I absolutely fell in love with the game for a couple of hours because of the unexpected change we experienced was so different than before. I was absolutely taken back and baffled by how completely and utterly sweaty the matches were between the teams because of the old TTK players being the main players on the new servers. The sheer gameplay experience was like what I got at launch for a month, but it was better because I was playing with people who specifically wanted the same type of gameplay I wanted instead of being mixed in with the new and casual players and matches being a mixed bag of hating them or loving them. Even maps I hated like Hamada were just so damn satisfying to play on because of the players playing it in my personal experience were looking for that same experience I was and not just hopping on for a round or two for some random fun.

I felt like I was genuinely loving this game again after a couple weeks of being fed up with game breaking bugs and the sweeping changes to gunplay that wasn't satisfying to me that pushed me away from playing again. This experience made me think about the game and all the negativity in perspective to what I personally liked and disliked and it made me realize that one of the reasons this game is hurting to bad is because every player was being forced to play on the same type of game that didn't make anyone happy. More invested players like me and my mates who wanted a tactical experience weren't satisfied because when we played in public games with casuals there would be random medics that would walk right past us when we would have the most perfect revive for them to get revived or supports never throwing ammo pouches because they were completely new to the game and just want to hop in for some quick kills and gameplay. But when I played CW core today, holy fu*king shit, it was the best gameplay session of this game sessions I have currently clocked in and I wanted to never stop playing it.

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The sheer gameplay I got was just….it was what made me fall in love with this franchise as a whole and what makes me admit I'm a complete Battlefield fanboy for almost 20 years. I had supports dropping ammo for teammates and me left and right, Medics in numbers popping smoke consistently left and right and being absolute champs with revives keeping everyone alive while still being good CQB players because they played the Medic as it was supposed to be despite their weak weapons, squads actually defending points when they saw enemy squads coming in to the points instead of zerging en masse like the public servers (or at least nowhere near as bad there). Tanks having a presence with skillful Tankers who understand how to support the main infantry as the tank role they specifically choose for their playstyle. The players that were in that game mode were all mostly players who wanted that tactical experience with good, solid TTK (at least in our specific view) that complimented our playstyle and gameplay preference. It is my personal belief that if DICE is to stick with the new TTK then they should make it evident to the community which game modes and changes are for who and for what reason in the game menus themselves, the TTK civil war right now seems like it was spawned from a large disconnect of DICE losing confidence in their product coupled with absolutely atrocious decisions from someone higher up in EA forcing boneheaded and knee jerking reactions on this game that neither any sects of the community enjoy OR the developers like Florian and Sirland.

I wanted to be objective as possible in this post with my experience since after all I am in favor of the old TTK values but I also want the input from the casual players if they are on here as well as do that I can compare the experiences I've had along with them to see what the community enjoys about this game and see what is common between the sects so that we can see exactly what we can all accomplish when we just simply talk about what we love and don't love to see what is common in agreement at least on here. I hope this post gets alot of attention because I just want to see where this post goes from here.

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