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Some constructive feedback on Firestorm

Battlefield 1 - Some constructive feedback on Firestorm

The amount of toxic posts in this subreddit seems to have reached all time high, not that people don’t have a lot of valid things to complain about, but I for one would like to see a more civil tone and more suggestions of actual improvements and less circlejerk memes. Anyway, here are my contribution with improvements for Firestorm, some of which would require very little work and have a big impact on playability.

Quick access to shield plates

Make the healing syringe button cycle between syringe and plates (press one time to bring up syringe, press a second time to switch to plates if available). On PC add a separate button for plates for even faster access.

Quick cycle for gadget slots

Press a gadget button to bring up the gadget in that slot, press a second time to switch to the first gadget in the backpack, press again to switch to the second gadget in the backpack etc. This reduces the need to go into the clunky inventory.

Quick looting

Press and hold the loot button and run over loot on the ground, this will automatically pick up ammo for primary weapons you carry, health, plates and gadgets you already until they are full. Nothing else will be picked up.

Press and hold to switch primary weapons

To switch primary weapons you need to press and hold the loot button for a second (like the armored vests), to avoid weapon switching by mistake.

Bring plates to new vest

When picking up armored vests with missing plates, you should keep the plates you have in your current vest.

Sights and cosmetics on weapons

While I really like that you don’t have to micromanage weapon attachments (like in Apex for example), not all sights on the high tier weapons are to everyone's liking. A way to improve this could be to add a firestorm section in the company, where you could replace the sight (with a same zoom level one), for each high tier of the weapons. Also weapon skins could be selected here. The customizations would be applied on weapons they are first picked up, and stay this way throughout the game.

First person when spectating

This is a no-brainer.

Improved statistics

Add more details to the end screen like total damage dealt etc. Separate global game statistics like SPM, kills per minute etc from other game modes.



This is a somewhat controversial feature, but I would like to see it in Firestorm, to give squads who lose member(s) early something to fight for instead of just dropping out, I don’t think resurreccion points should be so readily available as in Apex though. My suggestion is to tie it to capture points, this would limit resurrections to mid-game, and also make the capture points more attractive to fight over. Right now there is actually no point in contesting a flag, if a squad is capping a flag it’s better to wait until they are done, then attack them when they are busy looting. Once a point is taken players available for resurrection could be parachuted in from the observation balloon.

Lobby and matchmaking

I think the hangar is a missed opportunity to make something unique that stands out from other BR games. Make it a mini deathmatch game (without any stats counting) while waiting for the server to fill up, or even better, a Gun Master with the weapons in Firestorm to warm up. By doing this you also eliminate the need for matchmaking in the main menu, instead of players/squads waiting potentially forever in the main menu staring at a timer, load them in to the hangar mini game on a server immediately, and play until it’s filled up. This would help immensely for smaller regions, the problem is not that there aren’t enough players that want to play Firestorm, the problem is that enough players needs to start matchmaking at the same time. BF1 had the exact same problem with Grand Operations until they improved matchmaking and added server browser support.

Quick rejoin

The above suggestion could also allow an eliminated squad to join a new game immediately without going back to the main menu, reducing unnecessary waiting time. Statistics from the last match can be shown when loading the game on the new server.

Consider making Firestorm free to play

This would also greatly help with the player count. The free version could be without cosmetics and progression for example. In the long run it would probably be good for sales, because you can promote the full BFV experience every time a free player plays.

Feel free to disagree or add other suggestions in the comments.

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