Battlefield 5

Still no custom platoon support, or tanker/pilot customisation.

Battlefield 7 - Still no custom platoon support, or tanker/pilot customisation.

Apologies for length.

Why can I not use my emblems from bf1/4 ect. theh worked before in previous games it's been a good 4 months?

There is no customisation for the pilot/tanker; for the Allies its a woman with a red para beret on and for the Germans its a woman in a medics stahlhelm. So we're stuck with a medic flying a bomber and a paratrooper driving a tank.

Even in bf4 and bf3 (I think) if you jumped out of a plane you had a flight suit on.

I was under the impression I would be able to create a pilot and tanker in my own image ; change regimental/divional patches, unlocking different colured berets for completing assignments. For example a commando green beret for allied and A flecktarn camo sthalhelm for the axis for completing a task such as:

Commando School: 300cc Al & Ax cosmetics complete 4 of the 5

30 melee kills with the combat knife

15 kills hip firing pistols

40 kills with grenades

destroy 5 vehicles with explosives

Kill 50 enimies while attacking an objective

but I can't even customise what gun my tanker or pilot have 🤗 they have we were at least able to do that in bf1…

I spend a lot of time flying and tanking so I would really like to use a character model that I can personify as that precived connection to my company feels deep to me as looking at the soldiers in thier brodie helmets reminds me of the people who fought in my family. My great grandmother Moreen was in the medical auxiliaries, my Step great grandfather Bernard was blinded by a grenade in north africa while in the royal atillery, my great grandad James who luckly survived in the mountins of Italy after being MIA for months and my My great grandfather who served in some capacity in a highlanders regiment of whom I owe my surname to but know little about.

I personally get pissy about the details in because games like this that lanky tommy holding a lee enfield with his helmet tilted back smiling with other soldiers despite the hell their in. He is real to me he only passed away a couple of years ago I can touch the medals that he earnt with his blood. Same for my great grandmother she got some medals of her own and she only recently passed.

Big buget games like this really need to get their shit together as what feels like to me a lack of pride and care in order to turn a quick profit from the single most destructive war ever.


But at least a game like this does get some people intrested in the war enough to start reading and learning about it in greater detail. But most will be misinformed by I'll guided, good willed lacklustre single player. I mean dice for the love of god you could have just found a true story any true story to fit the narrative that you wanted to push.

Want women in battle –> ( insert russain campain from COD finiest hour # woke before it was cool)

Need and LGBT line I got ya, no doubt there were countless men and women that were able to be themselves as the fabric of society changed (James Lord's book springs to mind) something beatiful and heart wrenching but in the realm reality like a man dealing with the death of his boyfriend without being able to tell any of his peers about it but fighting through it and doing what he was there for. And have a scene with him standing over the grave at the end. That would have been amazing if done well.

Want more BAME representation –> 1. Black colonial troops and FFL fighting against the Vichy french in north africa a(lots of hard hitting issues you could have played with).

  1. Indian troops fighting from Italy to burma. Gurkhas doing the same and the crazy amount of VC's they were awarded.

  2. The entire Sino Japanese war. 🤗

4.Phillipino soldiers campain from the fall to the liberation of Manila would have been cool.

Literally anything we didn't need loads of small story's one or two well fleshed out depictions of people who actually existed would have been way better than the sub par war stories that came out.

Look at COD World at War that honestly and brutally depicts the battles from the eastern and Pacific theatre's. That game litteraly inspired me to not take this peaceful and relatively trouble free life for granted. It stayed with me because of how real and gritty it felt.

To sum up: Battlefield 5 is by no means terrible its really really fun to play but it could have been so much more to so many more people. Plus im extra salty beacuse it was half price a month after I paid full price for it on release…

Apologies spelling, formatting and grammar typed on phone.

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