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Suggestion: Have all skins on all sight types

Battlefield 3 - Suggestion: Have all skins on all sight types

One of my biggest pet peeves with the gun skins in this game is that each skin has one specific sight that is part of the set, and 9 times out of 10 it's the last one I would ever want to use. Gold and mint iron sights on all of the sniper rifles? Come on DICE… it's bad enough that most of the sights in the game either cover 75% of your screen or are completely useless for the way I want to use the gun/the way the gun is designed to be used, and being able to mix and match the skins for the gun how I want but being forced to use a base skin for the sight because it's the only one that doesn't look COMPLETELY retarded is just kind of dumb, IMO.

My suggestion? Make the sight customization similar to how the soldier camo works. You have an option for either each sight that you can then choose which skin you want it to have, or you have an option for each skin and then you choose which sight you want to use it on.


Also, why is the Nydar sight way better than the Reflex sight? It's almost as if someone tried to clean the Reflex sight with a rag that they just got done wiping their ass with; or as it was put so eloquently in Django Unchained "Damn, I can't see fu*kin' shit outta this thing!" There doesn't seem to be a "faction lock" on which guns have the nydar sight and which ones have the reflex, saying that the Sturmgewehr 1-5 has the nydar and the Gewehr 43 has the reflex, so what's going on with that little feature?

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