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Swedish weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 4

Battlefield 6 - Swedish weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 4

Since DICE is originally a Swedish company it is quite obvious that they would throw in some lesser known Swedish armaments in the mix. And as I'm Swedish myself; why not cover some?


Bofors CBJ-MS;

This is a Swedish manufactured submachinegun having not truly been adopted into the Swedish armed forces but nontheless gone through test trials. I was meant to fill the roles for basically all classes of primary weapons, all the way from sub machinegun to light machinegun. Having quite the utility with a folding stock, picatinny rail, bipod and a drum magazine which we see in-game.

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Bofors AK 5c;

The primary assault rifle of the Swedish armed forced. Automat Karbin 5. Originally being a modified FN FCN assault rifle, this weapon has been better suited to fit the artic enviroment. It is often regarded as the best high damage-low firerate carbine in the game.


Pskott m/86 / AT4;

Seen as abattle pickup in Battlefield 4 this smoothbore (anti-tank?) recoilless rocket launcher has seen considerable success in the U.S even though having been menufactured in Sweden over 3 decades ago. It is meant to give infantry a fighting change towards armoured vehicles and enemy fortifications but hasn't seen much success against modern battle tanks.

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Pansarvärnsrobot 57 / MBT LAW;

Being the first unlock of the engineer, it's safe to say this rocket launcher isn't the best in the game but the reality of it is much more interesting. Costing over 20x times more than the AT4, this rifle is a one-time use anti tank launcher needing to track the target before firing to make the warhead track itself to the target. I had been a researced and developed for over several years between the United Kingdom and Sweden with other countries buying a couple for themselves in recent years.


Riverine Command Boat / Stridsbåt 90 H;

Similar to the AT4 this attack boat has been adopted by many different countries, thereby the U.S Navy but it's country of origin will always be Sweden. In-game it's the main attack boat os the U.S team but only being able to carry 4 men, 3,5x less than what it can in real life. It has seen much combat around the the middle east by the Royal Swedish Navy. Though reality doesn't reflect in-game however as the U.S RCB's are mainly seen as command boats and not attack boats. There are only 6 operational RCB's in the U.S navy.

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