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The BFV Economy – 10 ways to make it better!

Battlefield 7 - The BFV Economy - 10 ways to make it better!

Hi all,

As an Economist it pains me to see what is happening at the moment with BFV. You may not notice it at first but the games “Economy” is broke…


Well maybe, but think about it. Firstly a lot of players seem to have accrued far to much CC that is is almost worthless to them, meaning they may no longer feel a need to run assignments or progress XP to earn it (e.g. play the game).

Secondly it also seems that because of this DICE does not want to focus new content on CC, only BOINS, which in the long term is probably going to drive players away even further, feel less need to play for CC and in the end create a deadly “snowball” of decline…

So what can they do to fix this? Well, here are 10 thoughts I’ve had so far that would be fairly quick to implement, and require no major rework/ design.

  • Some items are really overpriced (like tank skins 20,000 cc). Tone these down to increase demand for them and get players spending CC a bit more.
  • Some items are hugely underpriced (I could buy the Stug for 100 cc). This devalues tides of war effort and the willingness of players to grind / play the game.
  • Some small items e.g. face paint should be cheaper. No point having something no one will buy.
  • Epics in the armoury should all be available for CC no matter what, but at high cost like 20k to 50k CC due to rarity (so that in the long run CC gets used and becomes a true commodity for all players).
  • the award of CC on assignments should increase generally (to focus players more in skill/ progression so they play the game more).
  • CC could be given in larger chunks for chapter/ weekly completion awards. e.g. complete week, get 1000 CC, complete Chapter get 10,000.
  • CC should be stripped away from being used on specialisations and anything that changes stats. Instead they should focus on weapon lvl / assignments for this because otherwise players will tend to stack up/ bank CC for the future, and not spend it on cosmetics. This is circular (not good).
  • CC gain should be toned back for ranking up but it should scale with each progressive rank.
  • the armoury should have a larger catalogue of items available at all times (maybe based on the whole chapter). It should also have Daily deals both in CC and BOINS, to create instant demand.
  • less Gas masks, more Authenticity 🙂

That’s it for now – thanks for reading! What do you guys think, would you keep it as it is, or change things up? Is there a need for a big change? Let me know in the comments below.

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