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The fligerfaust was the best thing to happen to bombers.

Battlefield 1 - The fligerfaust was the best thing to happen to bombers.

I'm pretty sure 99% of you on here hate bombers. I totally understand. While I main as a pilot, I use fighter planes, not bombers. My job is to keep the bombers out of the sky, so the infantry down below don't get blown up in droves.

Now hear me out. This patch was great for bombers. In the past bombers only really had one counter. Fighter planes. Once a fighter plane got on a bomber's tail, the bomber is shot down within mere seconds. This latest patch made fighter jets completely obsolete. If a fighter comes even close to the ground, they get shot down instantly. If they stoop down to resupply, dead. If this continues, in a week, there will be very few fighters left in the sky.

This patch taught bombers a very important lesson. If you bomb at high altitude, nothing can stop you. Stationary/ tank AA's will only do marginal damage at that range, the fleigerfaust wont reach it, and they can continue to rack up kills with even more ease than ever before, as most of their obstacles are now out of their way.

Meanwhile, fighter pilots like me, who have always been in the sky blowing bombers out of it, are switching over to bombers. Let me start off by saying I hate flying bombers. Its completely repetitive work, and you are essentially flying around in circles. When pilots first start off, they use the bomber, as it is relatively easy to fly. As they get more skillful, most of them switch over to fighters to get more dynamic combat. Generally speaking, more of the skilled pilots use fighters (I know there are very skilled bombers, but im just speaking in general).


These next few days and weeks, if the fligerfaust isnt nerfed against at the very least fighters, I am certain there will be a massive influx of skilled fighter pilots switching to bombers. I have already made the switch. I will switch back to fighters in an instant if I stop getting blown out of the sky the instant I spawn.

According to In over 16 hours in a spitfire alone (not including the bf109 or any other planes), I have amassed nearly 1000 kills. I'd wager most of those kills were from bombers, as I rarely ever target ground troops in a fighter jet. As you can also see, I have nearly 600 kills from the JU-88A. 300 of those kills have been from the past two days.

You do not want the fighter pilots to become bombers. The best anti-aircraft weapon is an aircraft.

TLDR fliegerfaust made fighters useless, bombers have figured a way to avoid them easily, fighter pilots are going to switch to bombers, and in the end, there will be absolutely nothing to counter the reign of terror that will be unleashed by bombers.

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