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The general positivity on this sub feels good, good job over the last month DICE, but…

Battlefield 1 - The general positivity on this sub feels good, good job over the last month DICE, but...

People got a (delayed but worth it) all-out warfare, large scale, combined arms BF map in the form of Al-Sundan, as well as a revisited and improved (in my personal and humble opinion) version of a BF classic in the form of Operation Underground.

With the Pacific chapter coming up and expectations running high, many people see it as a make-or-break for this struggling entry in the series, and I think the previous month did a great job of laying the groundwork for the return of BF5.

BUT, there is still a LOT to do, and I'd like to put some focus on the much-needed changes and overhauls:

  • Balance – PLEASE DICE, for the love of everything good, fix the mid-round and post-game balance, it is comedically bad that most games go to shit because of skill/number imbalance, making many rounds too lopsided.
  • Assignments – One of the biggest gripes of the community has been around progression, and assignments play a very important role here. The current assignments are mostly absolutely crappy and don't offer any team or objective play, plus no auto-tracking and needing to exit games to equip them is just bad design. Please overhaul!
  • Vehicle spawn – This was so much better on BF4 and BF1 in terms of seeing all available options on the spawn screen, being able to customise the vehicles while idle and not having to rush to grab them the moment they appear, and it would greatly help to have a timer of sorts to give a better clarity on the waiting times for vehicle respawn.
  • UX/UI – Oh my GOD, this has been a gripe for most people since day 1. The menu and navigation in general is VERY bad, and updating your soldier loadouts has never been a pain in the ass like this in previous games. The whole navigation system needs to be overhauled, too many clicks for everything! And a fresh new look and feel for the start menu and the squad screen can really help us stop having PTSD about the horrible launch and the difficult first year of the game.
  • Armory – Why there are 'weekly rotations' and not an always-open 'store' is beyond me. The potential for people to spend both CC and Boins (for the rich kids out there) will be greatly increased by this. And I think the feeling that there is no way to spend the hundreds of thousands of CC that people have will be better addressed if the skins for weapons and vehicles are available at one place instead of going on the 'Customisation' tab under each weapon/vehicle.
  • RSP – And of course, no list of must-haves will be complete without the dear old Rental Server Program, or Private Games as you like to call it now. I know that you are working on this, but please release this feature (with features that we want and need to run servers in a fun and free manner) ASAP as then the community really solve most of their wants around the weapons and the meta (looking at you bipod weapons).

And there it is, this is not at all comprehensive, but I feel that these will address a lot of the common issues and gripes that we have. The game is finally moving in a good direction I feel, and let's work together to make it better. 🙂

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