Battlefield 5

The level 50 company coin bug needs to be addressed, and soon

Battlefield 7 - The level 50 company coin bug needs to be addressed, and soon

I may only speak for myself with this issue, but seeing company coin accrual grind to a halt after hitting level 50 has genuinely made me feel like I should play other games instead. I invested a lot of my coin in the first 50 levels in weapons that I never use, because the progression of trying out new weapons and experimenting with their tier trees was fun. I assumed progression would always be at this pace, boy was I wrong. I make maybe 50-150CC per game, if any at all. I feel punished for enjoying the systems implemented into this game, as most of my vehicles aren't upgraded, and I have no way of making coin to make them viable. Seeing as how level 50 isn't difficult to obtain, the more people that hit max level, the more people that find their progress grinding to a halt, and the more people that become disinterested in the game an ultimately find something else to play. PLEASE fix the company coin accrual issue, and before the January patch. It's not something that can wait that long. I don't even honestly care if we get retroactively rewarded at this point, I just want to be able to progress normally through the games systems as intended.

EDIT: Update about the retroactive company coin, courtesy of danmitre:

Apologies, everyone! There was a miscommunication between our internal teams. The Company Coin Retroactive Award has not been processed. I've updated the article with the following:

Company Coin Retroactive Award (to be completed) Status: We’re currently investigating a proposed fix that will retroactively award players who reached Max Rank 50 prior to the recent Max Rank 50 Company Coin accrual fix (the previous issue did not allow Max Rank 50 to accrue Company Coin anymore). This retroactive award will credit player inventories with the appropriate Company Coin for time spent in game at Max Rank 50 where players were not receiving new Company Coin. Apologies on previously communicating that the retroactive award was processed – there was a miscommunication between teams. Thanks for the understanding.


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