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The one thing I don’t get about Battlefield:

Battlefield 3 - The one thing I don’t get about Battlefield:

What is the obsession with every battlefield game being in a modern setting?

To tell you the truth I love the battlefield series. All of them great to me in their own particular way. Some better than others sure. I will say though I am bias towards the most recent battlefield 1,V as well as the old battlefield Vietnam expansion and 1942. because of time periods these games stick out to me the most. (Also being able to play as my gender in the recent battlefield games is cool too 🙂 ). But the main reasons I ask this question is because I feel like modern battlefield games are stuffed with guns we have all seen before, with the same looks and sounds. Either it’s a M4 variant or a gun with that AK frame and style. We see the same Russia vs American theme. Sometimes it’s China though. What sort of things do you guys like in a battlefield game so I can get a better understanding of why modern is so important? I just want to list why I like older time period themes


-multitude of prototype weapons -many weapons designed from other countries are vastly different than each other -wood stock frame gives guns a cool look – mixture between semi autos and automatics with a lot of holy action options back in the day. -cooler uniforms and have a very interesting design on how countries represented themselves and dressed other than camo -More countries involved in older world war events and such (besides russia and USA) which means more technology from other countries – prototype gadgets that are cool to see how primitive they were – maps are interesting because it’s not City 1,2,3. We get actual battlefields with beautiful landscapes and nature -vehicles have very interesting designs and stand out more while not seeming too overbearing. – sniper rifles feel more like themselves. We have so many DMRs in modern BF games. -personality of the game in general. The whole info behind it. Modern games is just some made up scenario where USA and russia go at it. Actual historical events in history give us more stories to tell (albeit not all stories are good and I definitely understand where people are coming from on the importance of historical accuracy and how sometimes it can be butchered and I would not want to disrespect the sacrifice of soldiers from our respective nations)

I just think there’s more to older time period games or at least games that have some sort of connection to a historical time period in our global history and how war impacted us as humans, impacted technology and impacted the growth of warfare and how war is fought. Give me your thoughts!

TLDR: to me games like BF1, 1942, and BFV were more unique than modern setting BF games. Why do you guys love the modern setting? What are some of the reasons you guys want another modern battlefield? Is it more different and unique than other battlefield settings? Share! 🙂 thanks for reading!

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