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The reason why BF1 sniping was not because it was “too easy”.

Battlefield 6 - The reason why BF1 sniping was not because it was "too easy".

The actual reason why people hated sniping in BF1 was because sniping was easier than previous title's sniping. But how?

To put it simply, the amount of effort to be a long range combatant in BF1 was actually somewhat proportional to the other classes!

BF4 sniping was so hard it wasn't even funny or even realistic. Bullets were extremely slow for the classes and the target's animation was so twitchy and arcady that hitting headshots was almost impossible unless you fire over people hunkered or religious LMG campers. I would just pick a DMR honestly, the stress and effort isn't worth that much of a struggle for a single kill… Sniping is a disability in BF4. BF3 was cool, but not quite there, the maps were sniper friendly and the bullets were fast so it was pretty comfortable hitting shots with them.

However in BF1…

"Sweetspot is ez" i agree with this, sweetspot is kind of unnecessary.

"Bullets are faster" as they should be my guy. All the bullets of all guns are faster here so there is no problem here other than such change favoring consistency over mid-range combat, snipers in BF1 are actually reliable weapons unlike in BF4 where most weapon classes were better than snipers at long range gunfights… irony. Just put an ACOG on an LMG or DMR and you're gold, just gun people over.


"Bolt action is faster" not all of the snipers, but it's not really a bad thing, this makes the snipers effectively mid-long range, but guess what, they are still bolt action, so these weapons wouldn't work too well in very frenetic situations like direct gunfights , defending against a rush or getting ganked. Wow, snipers are actually situational! (Just like in real life ngl)

The scopes have no ruling, that's a bit of a disadvantage for snipers in compariso to BF4 and BF3. But that's a bit of personal preference tbh.

BF1 snipers I would say have too fast of reloads for their class and the sweetspot mechanic should be toned down a LOT, removing it I would honestly feel bad, since hitting the sweetspot range on most snipers is very unusual, no one stands at an objective measuring which distance is 80 meters to just hunker down in an open area… sometimes you happen to be in a sweetspot distance but that's it, no one actually sweats over a sweet spot distance… BF is not some PAX ESL game anyways.

I feel like BF4 snipers have some sort of elitist mindset where "We sniped in BF4 and we wasted blood, guts and tears to be good at it"… just no… it's like bragging about cutting your own leg and then saying that anyone who hasn't suffered what you suffered is not worthy of living, like… life doesn't work like that, nor do games.

Note: I'm not trying to be offensive nor oppresive, I apologize if I did.

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