Battlefield 5

The roadmap is good. Fight me

Battlefield 3 - The roadmap is good. Fight me

At the rate of 2 maps per 5 months, we can expect roughly 4 maps per year. This is the equivalent or better than everyone's love child Rainbow 6 Siege and it is not too far off from Overwatch. In addition, Rainbow 6 have a soft season pass of that affects gameplay. We don't know how exactly new weapons and vehicles will be accessed by players in BFV, but without a season pass like in R6, I think it is fair to assume that cosmetics, not weapons or vehicles, will drive the microtransactions.

Battlefield V's roadmap is not worse than Overwatch's either. Overwatch have released 5 maps so far in 2018, but 2 of them are arcade maps that probably does not require as much time to develop as their competitive maps. Additionally, Overwatch had a suffered a 5 month gap between its release and the release of its first map

Both R6 and Overwatch have also received new operators/heroes and new modes (well, just 1 new mode for R6 that actually replaced a map), but Battlefield V is also looking competitive with new weapons, vehicles, and the new squad conquest and Co-op modes. I chose not to include the new war story as it's addition isn't be representative of BFV's later seasons, I omitted the practice range since R6 and Overwatch had similar features at launch, and I did not include rush as I don't perceive it as proper new content. Finally, we are also getting Firestorm, which is not only made by an entirely different studio but it is also a gigantic mode with hundreds of hours of replayability. It should also be reasonable to expect Criterion to support Firestorm and for the mode to bring in lots of new players and content creators for the community.


With all these comparisons in mind, BFV's post launch content is looking better than that of R6 and Overwatch. Yet, everyone is still complaining about the roadmap. From what I have read, there are two types of players who dislike the new dlc model. The first type is composed of players that prefer premium over the free dlc model because they have never had problems finding dlc servers. It's just too bad for Operations players, domination players, and for players in Asia, Oceania, South America, the Middle East, and Africa(?), that would continue to suffer from these issues if premium was reintroduced. Some of them might have just be ignorant of these issues and others just don't care about the other players' problems. Unfortunately for the latter, people who only care about themselves cannot expect sympathy from the other side. For second type of complainers, I can only assume that they have never played a game with free dlcs before, as I have made it clear that BFV's roadmap is actually good. In this case they have no experience or knowledge on this topic and their opinion doesn't have any value.

Some people might have been disappointed by the fact that the roadmap only covers half a year. Keep in mind that Overwatch has no roadmap at all and R6 is only obligated to release a rough roadmap to sell their season pass. It can be argued that R6's has a better model, but its negative effects on gameplay complicates this argument. Some people might be skeptical of BFV after Dice's failure to delivery with Battlefront 2. It is reasonable to be skeptical, but use this skepticism demand frequent developer updates, not to express selfish views like "premium was gud because it was gud for me" or to set unreasonable expectations and then implode once reality hits.



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