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The Tromboncino M28 is what Bolt Action Rifles should have been.

Battlefield 4 - The Tromboncino M28 is what Bolt Action Rifles should have been.

The Tromboncino M28 is a well-balanced Bolt Action Rifle (Carbine). The M28 has clear weaknesses (extreme close and long ranges), but it's strong enough that it isn't crippled outside of its niche. This makes it a far more competitive weapon than any Bolt Action Rifle in the game.

But Bolt Action Rifles have 6x scopes.

The M28's 3x sights are more than enough to handle ranges up to 100 meters. Furthermore, the M28 doesn't have scope glare, unlike every Recon weapon in the game.

Bolt Action Rifles deal more damage per shot than the M28.

The M28 has a straight pull bolt, while Bolt Actions don't. Because of this, the M28's fire rate is effectively twice as high as the Enfield's when both are equipped with scopes.

The M28 also fires fast enough that going for two body-shots is a viable tactic, but it doesn't give up the ability to kill with headshots.

In comparison, hitting headshots is the only way to use a Bolt Action. Their slow fire rates make it punishing to miss, but their clunkiness and slow bullet velocities make it difficult to hit anything at long range.

The Tromboncino is only effective up to 75 meters.

The M28's effective range of 75 meters is only relevant when it's facing Bolt Action Rifles.

The vast majority of weapons (Assault Rifles, LMGs, MMGs, Semi-Autos, SMGs, SLRs) hit their lowest kill speed past 50 meters, meaning that most gunfights take place below 100 meters.


Being able to reliably compete with 90% of all weapons in the game more than makes up for a weakness toward one weapon class.

Does the M28 need a nerf?

God, no. If anything, it highlights just how poorly the Recon class has been handled in this game.

Performance-wise, the M28 acts like a re-tuned Carcano Carbine from BF1, exchanging bullet velocity and range for a much higher fire rate. With its straight pull bolt and lack of glare on its 3x scope, this is the closest we have ever gotten to a Battlefield 1 Bolt Action Rifle.

The fact that the Tromboncino can be so strong in comparison to other Bolt Actions and still be balanced is proof that DICE went too far in nerfing Bolt Action Rifles between BF1 and BFV.

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Removing sweet spots and adjusting the bullet velocities of the Bolt Action Rifle model would have been enough to balance them. The effective range of Bolt Action Rifles is already significantly lower than that of BF4 and BF1, there was no need to also gut their fire rates and make them incredibly clunky with scopes.

When every other class in the game is better at sniping than the dedicated sniper class, it shows there's something incredibly wrong with how the game is balanced.

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