Battlefield 5

The Ultimate BATTLEFIELD Game. (things I/we want in the next gen BattleField).

Battlefield 3 - The Ultimate BATTLEFIELD Game. (things I/we want in the next gen BattleField).

TITLE says it all. 😀


– Modern Setting with sick gun and soldier customization options.

– Very Fun Gameplay (should be #1 priority for this game)

– Real-time Volumetric Fluid Simulations

(Just imagine how real the game would look (if it is optimized good.) and dogfights with volumetric clouds! oh boy <3) explosions and stuff will look very crazy immersive and eyecandy! and also look at "Red Dead Redemtion 2's" Volumetric clouds or "uHawk VR" & the new Flight Simulator.. ("definitely a game changer for graphics and gameplay from sky's for example jets and helis") (also Battlefields smoke looks like sh*t.. so this really would be cool :D)

– Very realistic Destruction like we saw in the tease from EA Play (I really hope we can destroy BIG buildings ourselves and not like levolution stuff I want to destroy them myself in Real Time! no Scripted sh!t.) ("Also a Big Game Changer if you ask me.. I always blow up random things even if there are no enemies xD")

– 100+ players (128 if true) we all know from EA Play that we will be getting this (hopefully xD)


– Extremely but Extremely good MP MAPS! I always get bored of most BF maps.. especially the ones in the newer games.. I want to see Remasters of good old maps and make fun new maps.. it doesn't need to be a real place (well it does but just not exactly the same) like change it and make it very fun.. (you guys are going to hate me for this) but look at cod maps they are mostly fun (I really should not compare this to cod.. both very different games..) but you get the point, like.. make fictional maps that look like they are from earth and that are fun to play on.. xD like for example Noshar Canals or Arica Harbor from bf3 and bfbc2.

– Real time Day & Night cycle

– REAL TIME GLOBAL ILLUMINATION (not important for gameplay but important IF they want to go Photorealistic Graphics) and obviously as a settings options because this will eat fps 😛


– More Unique Factions instead of being stuck to 2 or 4..

– Different settings (Modern, Vietnam, Future, ww2, etc etc)

– Multiple settings in 1 game (would be epic if done properly! but really bad if not done right)

– Call-ins like if you help your team enough with a plane (1 person) for example that you get a big bomb that can level a building (only 1 person can do this, it's like battlefront 2 if you get enough points you can play as a jedi) and also you still need to drop that bomb with your plane so if you miss that's it 😛

if you guys have any other suggestion lmk I will add it to the Ultimate BF Game (things we want in BF)

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