Battlefield 5

The warning from China! (About 6 Battlefield Development suggestion and solutions)

Battlefield 6 - The warning from China! (About 6 Battlefield Development suggestion and solutions)

I understand that my post may violate the rules of this community, But in this globalized world, you must understand that Chinese factors will cause possible serious consequences, Just like the failed Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V.

In the past few years, We should be able to fully understand that what we need is Battlelog and PRoCon, Because it means that we can fully reduce the problem of cheating players as much as possible, So why did DICE give up these two things?

This is because of DDoS attacks from China, Let DICE have to give up Battlelog and PRoCon, Just because Battlelog can accurately query specific and all server IP addresses for DDoS attacks.

And because EA cannot legally register in China, EA is an illegal company and game in China, which makes it impossible to report to the Chinese police and get legal help.

Of course, you will probably say what this has to do with players in the United States or other regions? This is because if you can't use PRoCon to manage the server, it means you can't use a third-party anti-cheat program like BF4DB.

However, For cheaters in China, they can easily use VPN to cheat in other regions, This will cause problems for players in other regions, So we need Battlelog’s Battle report and PRoCon’s BF6DB anti-cheat plug-in to rebuild a trustworthy battle environment.

First of all, everyone must be able to understand about the game development registration and development standard system in China, Because it has something to do with whether you can get help from the Chinese government's criminal investigation.

Although I am not from China, these are a few rules that we understand that cannot be violated:

  1. You must register your company in China in accordance with Chinese laws, And need to provide the personal information of Chinese players to the Chinese government when necessary.
  2. Your game server must be in China, If your server is attacked by DDoS, you can get help from the Chinese Internet Police, If your server is not in China, even if you are legally registered in China, you will not be able to get any help.
  3. The theme of the game's story and the plot must not have any elements that offend the Chinese Communist government or laugh at the Chinese people.
  4. If anyone offends China or the words of Chinese players, you must take any severe punishments, otherwise you will become the target of Chinese players and the Chinese government verbal attack.

I think there should be many rules that must be followed, I also know that this is very ridiculous to many people, but such a norm does exist, This is why all of our Asia server owners and server providers in Battlefield 4 cannot get legal assistance from China.

Because everyone is not from China, And because of the legality of EA and DICE in China, no one can take legal action (including Chinese players)

In fact, the large-scale DDoS attack that started last year, A total of more than three Chinese servers owner tried to file a report with the Chinese Internet police, Even if the server provider has many DDoS attack records that can be used as evidence, It was also rejected by the Chinese police because of the above principles.

This result has caused a lot of trouble for players in Asian countries, Because for us we can only choose 3 server locations in Asia:

  1. Japan
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Singapore

The monthly cost of the server and the cost of the server provider’s traffic costs are very huge, This also caused the opposition between our server provider and the server owner, Just because for the extreme groups of the Chinese Communist Party, DDoS attacks are just a game for them, This vicious circle has been unsolved from 2016 until now.

I must say that this affects the entire Asia game server environment, Because the same Windows 2008 R2 host will not only have a server installed on Battlefield, All Game servers in data centers will be affected, So DICE must change the current situation.


I must say that I don’t think the Chinese government has such unreasonable requirements, and DICE should also comply with it, Because this compulsory use of political ideas to control the freedom of game creation is unreasonable for many people, But you should also make compromises.

Although I don’t know how DICE is progressing in the development phase of Multiplayer, I think "China" must be regarded as an independent regions, Only players from China are allowed to play on China servers, I’m not talking about Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is not legally governed by China.

This means that the Hong Kong police cannot get help from the judicial investigation of the Chinese police, Therefore EA must cooperate with China's Alibaba Cloud, Only install server software in China to get judicial help.

The solution to this program, It is to determine the server regions the player belongs to through the verification mechanism of the mobile phone number, For players from China, they can only join the server in China, Only in this way can the legal issue be resolved.

As for the server problem, I think the server rental plan is necessary, Because under the influence of COVID-19, I don’t think EA has additional funds to build a global server, Therefore, it is reasonable to let players rent the server by themselves.

But we must separate China from the Asia regions, Because for Asia, China is a politically extreme country, Chinese players often use political and historical reasons to bully and even launch DDoS attacks, I don’t think this situation should continue to happen.

So about the development of servers and anti-cheat plug-ins, We need a new Battlelog and PRoCon, In order to avoid the same problem from happening again, DICE must give up: MULTIPLAYER

This is because the code on this page can easily query all server information, Not only caused DDoS attacks in Asia, It also creates seed robots in other regions, So no longer using this page, can solve the attack problem as much as possible, Even if a DDoS attack occurs, the port can be changed, It’s not as meaningless as BF4.

For the development of PRoCon, The IP address and port are changed to be similar to "Site Key" and "Secret Key" of Google reCAPTCHA v3, IP and Port numbers, Use MD5 encryption to avoid leakage of server real information, Can only decrypt and read the real IP address through PRoCon.

All PRoCon plug-ins, if can access the server in this way, I think it should be able to make Battlefield 6 great again, Because we shouldn’t cause problems in China to cause trouble for all of us, I hope this is what the DICE development team must understand.

Of course some people will think that this must be recommended through EA, I can only say that I have tried countless times, But the result is like now we are still under threat from China, We can't do anything, but it's not fair to us.

I just hope you can understand, The same failed pattern should not continue again.

Thank you for watching!

PS. PM 10:30 (GMT+8), Large-scale DDoS attack in Asia again, Should we let this situation continue to happen in Battlefield 6?

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