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This community is completely confused about what TTK means for skill.

Battlefield 3 - This community is completely confused about what TTK means for skill.

So I have been gaming for years, and I have seen the opinions change. What I do know is that TTK in itself has very little to do with skill. A lot of forum babies on here are crying loud and proud, but they can't seem to engage an actual argument.

Low TTK resolves more around twitch reflexes and the ability to know your movement/map capabilities better than others. High TTK resolves more around extended engagements and more freedom of movement. Headshots, the literal defining characteristic of skill, are at a premium with high TTK for the most part.

In the middle you get more of a mix of the two styles. What is most important for this community to understand is that low TTK does not inherently mean skill. You are saying this because you prefer the gameplay that comes with lower TTK. Namely, camping is a tactic often used in games with lower TTK. It's used everywhere, but it's much easier to exploit in low TTK games. This does not mean low TTK games are bad, it just means that if you have laser weapons it becomes very hard to manage the game on 30Hz servers. Usually, and without a doubt IMO, 60Hz servers are 100% needed for low TTK games to not become random death simulators. Even has a 3 KDR player in BFV, I feel the present TTK is too low for this kind of game at 30Hz.

What is certain is that Dice is doing it right this time. Changes are happening with full feedback lanes open. There is even a server for the old TTK values. They are asking for your feedback. Instead of crying like a bunch of millenial hand warmers you should go play the game and give Dice your feedback.

So I have heard the skill gap quotes, the SAME concept, perpetrated by BOTH sides in this argument. You both are wrong. The skill gap is completely meaningless. It fluctuates and changes based on the number of people and their actual skill levels. But people do tend to get angrier over 30Hz games with low TTK because of the poor nature of 30Hz servers and hit registration. Some people are disappointed they cannot sneak up on people and kill three of them before they can react. I wouldn't call that skill though. It's just map positioning and exploitation more than anything else unless you headshotted all three of those players.

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If you make a low TTK game you ABSOLUTELY NEED 60Hz servers. This is not a small claim. It is very important that when you have such low TTK your hit registration is very accurate, or the games just become random death simulators as I said. Check out CSGO. They ain't using 30Hz servers, Dorothy.

They do need to somehow fix up Medic and Recon, but I have no issues with trying out new things with the TTK. This game is now at TTK levels of older COD games. Even BO4 has a higher TTK than BFV.

It used to be that players thought the 'see you first you're dead' TTK was the poor skill crowd. Just twitch reflexes and no aim. Not true but this is how it was seen before in some circles. Headshots always were considered as a higher skill method of dispatch. Low TTK games never favored HS's as much, but now it seems like we have a COD/CS crowd from the older days thinking they stand in for millions of players and are the only ones that play BF.

I have no idea where this comes from. BF4 was not always this low even when taking into account spread and recoil. Some guns I guess, but we all have to remember weapon characteristics CHANGE the actual TTK you see in game. You have to account for guns having no recoil, tons of recoil, spread, et cetera, whenever you compare these games, or your argument is pointless.

I hear all these narcissistic comments about how Dice is betraying their community and yadda yadda yadda. Honestly, they are doing it RIGHT this time. They dropped a TTK 2 on all BF1 players well over a year after launch lol! That wasn't exactly fun to deal with. I appreciate they are getting this done NOW.

They asked for your feedback. Stop mulling about and play the game. Give them your feedback.

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