Battlefield 5

This game is much better than all the drama around it makes it seem

Battlefield 2 - This game is much better than all the drama around it makes it seem

Seriously I was wary of this game with the negativity, but saw it was on sale at Best Buy for $30.

So I went further into the reviews and noticed that most of them weren’t very substantive in their criticism, but mostly focused on the marketing of the game.

In fact, most of the reviews that were negative seemed like they were really upset about the marketing, then tacked on other somewhat benign criticism and called it trash.

So I went and bought it. And wow. It’s s great installment to the series.

I’m really disappointed with how overblown everything is. Battlefield 5 isn’t perfect but I’m really really enjoying the changes.

  1. Fortifications are awesome
  2. Spotting is great
  3. Gunplay is great
  4. No annoying loot boxes is great
  5. Really dig the maps
  6. Really dig the environments getting torn down so much more throughout the battles. It feels like a bit of a return to 4.

At the end of the day it seems like most youtubers and other loud gamers are upset about the rewriting of history by including women on the frontlines so easily and blatantly (rather than, some famous sniper unit or something), and complaining about historical inaccuracies. It all just feels really overblown to worry about historical inaccuracies in a battlefield game.


I’m blown away some people are arguing that the ratio of blacks people is too high. Dude you can make your own fking companies. Wtf? How are these criticisms not blatant racism?

It just seems to silly, that in one breath there’s people complaining about “historical inaccuracies“ while a hud message appears informing me that bear_boy69 killed me. When the fu*k did people cry so much about cosmetics in fu*king gaming? Jesus there’s a shit ton of snowflakes out there.

This is objectively a good installment for the series. If this game was a piece of shit disappointment and a bunch of garbage, then sure rag on it all you want. But that’s not the case.

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And go ahead, complain that women are represented in the game. What the fu*k ever, but the amount of slamming of the actual game is insane to me- none of these negative reviews are actually negative about the core aspects of the game.

People that aren’t butthurt over their janky politics need to get the press out about this game, because it’s extremely underrated at the moment.

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