Battlefield 5

This sub really needs more constructive criticism.

Battlefield 1 - This sub really needs more constructive criticism.

I mean jesus christ, really? I've been through several different games' forums, and subreddits, never once have I seen a worse example of feedback and criticism from a community in my life.

When this sub presents criticism it usually goes along the lines of "how has this not been fixed yet? What a trash company" or "wow is this really all a AAA studio can do?" You aren't helping, you're doing the exact opposite. I mean the fact that they have to use polls and megathreads to understand what you're trying to ask for clearly shows it.

This sub likes to complain about something and then fully expect them to correct it exactly how they want it, let's call it the " spoiled angry girlfriend syndrome"

"I want a purse"

"I bought you a purse"

"Well I didn't want this one"

"Well you should have told me which one"

"Well you should have known already"

"I can't read minds"

"Ok, so what do you want"

"That's not what you should be asking"

In this instance:

"I want more content"

"Here's some new content"

"That's not content"

"Well you should have told us what you wanted"

"You should have known already"

"We can't read minds"

"Indie company."

"Ok then, what do you want?"

"That's not what a AAA company should be asking"

This sub has a SEVERE LACK OF SUGGESTIONS. Come on, they're finally communicating back and forth with you and you're not gonna tell them anything. And then when you do talk to them in comments or posts it's "oh why hasn't this come out yet?" Or simply call out the devs, then expect them to respond, and if they don't, then you say they're ignoring you. It doesn't work like that, they obviously can't release information that could potentially either violate the contract with the companies, or endanger their privacy, or safety. Pressuring the devs more isn't gonna make them work faster, all you're doing is whipping a horse that's about to die of exhaustion, then you blame it on EA and DICE for people leaving the team. You should start taking some of the blame for it, stressing, confusing, and calling out/threatening the developer does no good to anyone, under any situation.


Here's some examples of my own constructive criticism:

For starters, I'd like to see maps have a different times cycle, does not have to be day/night only, for example: Arras day/dawn, Narvik day/night (same with fjell), hamada day/night, aerodrome noon/day, devastation dawn/dusk, etc. I feel like this would give maps way more replayability.

I'd also like to see maps have more frequent weather events, but will also last longer. For example, if the game starts rainy, it will be rainy for most of the match. I think these two will give the current maps THAT much replayability, enough to fill that feeling of content loss for many.

Another thing I'd like to see now that we know we are getting more factions is how DICE should present them to us. Not in a way where it's only cosmetics that determine a faction, instead let them become their own factions under the axis or allies tab, here's an example of how I'd like to see factions in the game.

This is a STUPENDOUS example of constructive criticism, cheers to whoever made that. negative feedback is never bad, matter of fact it is insanely helpful to the game, but not when it's presented as rants, memes, or callouts. I have faith this sub can make a TON of constructive criticism, so for the love of god please start doing it. Don't say you want the game to succeed and then take a 3 days worth of bean burritos dump on it.

"But x could have been avoided if EA/DICE had just y" well it wasn't, so how about trying to help them instead of complaining about something that can't be changed.

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