Battlefield 5

This week ToW is proof Assignments create toxic meta in game

Battlefield 5 - This week ToW is proof Assignments create toxic meta in game

This right here is proof assignments created this meta in game where half of players are doing some crazy stuff, play the way game and assignments tell them instead of playing the game THEY want and they should play. They are just done the wrong way. They are not even that hard, but frustrating for both me and my enemies and team mates. Example ones when I prone on objective whith them to get those 10 headshots in life. Or this ToW mission now.

I am stuck on last part.

First of all. I can't find empty tank, then when I find them or sit as gunner, then I don't see a single enemy player anywere near objective. If I do they are not on objective while I am attacking.

I just finished 5 maps and made 5 attacking kills overall. Not because I wasn't able to kill them, no-no. It was because half of enemy team was on spawn sceen waiting for tanks, those few who were playing are not even near objective, let alone defending them.

This is how game feels from start. It's frustrating grind fest, not something you would enjoy in but it's frustrating. DICE please go look at Apex or R6:Siege. New operators and stuff is unlocked by playing game they way you want, you can play game normaly and still unlock new stuff. I am telling this since BF3 and those damn assignments. They are stupid way to unlock things, come on for real. Who can enjoy this? It is frustrating for everyone.

If you already want to make them, they should be something normal. Like 1000 kills, or 200 headshots or capture 50 objectives.

Not some stupid stuff like: Kill 10 players in one life while being prone and shooting from hipfire from 100 meters away.


Come on what is next? Shoot enemy in the right leg while being prone on rooftop of bakery on Arras? Those are not easter eggs ffs.

Make them normal, something that doesn't tell me how I should play the game and how I should hipfire or prone or wait enemies to stand in cap zone. All those assinment are very situational.

I want to come in game to play it. Start up and play 1 or 2 games, maybe 3. Not get in game to grind some stupid frustrating assignments after hard working day. Honestly this is killing the game for me and my friends. When we enter match half of team camp or spawn or doesn't want to spawn because assignments. Honestly I enjoy more War Thunder o World of tanks knows as grindy games. Because you unlock everything by simply playing how you want. And this was always what battlefield was known for. You could play which ever playstyle you wanted. There was no this meta in game BF5 have.

There is reason why PUBG, Apex, CSGO, TF2, Siege are so popular. You buy game, start up and play how you want. There is no some stupid assignment telling what you should do in order to unlock something. There is no painful frustrating grind like in this game.

Those assignments are made so people would return in game every day, but it only push me and others away. How hard is to understand that game isn't my job, it's something I want to enjoy in after real job. If I return it's for good gameplay, not because of grind or badly made progression. So now there is way to much focus on those stupid things now, instead of normal gameplay.

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