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Tides of War: A review of the first 6 months and an objective look back into the past

Battlefield 8 - Tides of War: A review of the first 6 months and an objective look back into the past

As we're nearing the first 6 months of BFV's life cycle, I thought I'd write down a review of Tides of War over the weekend while also looking back at the previous 5 games and seeing what they had to offer in the same time frame.



Arguably the most important and also the weakest part of Tides of War so far in the first 6 months. At the end of may, when the game would've been out for 6 months, we'll have 2 maps; one at each end of that time scale.
As someone who wasn't interested in Battlefield in 2017-18 and instead being addicted to Siege, I was okay with a gap of 2-3 months for a new map since that is the norm for most live services out there but I've slowly started feeling the need for a new map. IMO, we should've had a new map in late Feb/early March with Firestorm taking the April/May window.

Looking at the bigger picture, it does feel like Battlefield V (even though it had enough content) was rushed so it wouldn't miss the 2018 holiday period, because if you look at Tides and what's coming, it's clear that only now are we seeing a step up in terms of regular content and the first 6 months were them just filling out the base package. Ideally, BFV should've released in March, with the first Tides chapter being what is now Ch.4, as that sets a very strong cadence. According to the latest roadmap, we're supposed to be getting at least 1 new map every month or 2, which is extremely good.



Post-Launch Maps of Battlefield (2010-present)No.Notes
Bad Company 2BC2 only received mode variations. First brand new map was released 9 months after launch
Battlefield 34
Battlefield 412
BF Hardline8
Battlefield 15
Battlefield V2Panzerstorm + 1 map set to be added in May



For the most part, the new modes have been great with each mode adding something new to the gameplay. I also love the Bad Company 2 approach to game modes where they're only available on certain maps that are best suited for modes like Rush.

The one thing that not many players (especially ones in NA and EU) seem to like is the fact that these modes are limited. As a SEA player, I don't mind this at all because our region has a history of failing to find servers running new content after the initial 2-3 weeks. So re-adding these modes after a month or two does give players in these regions an opportunity to play these modes again.

However, I feel there's a better solution that could make both sets of players happy. Modes should be permanently added to BFV, so regions like NA and EU can keep playing. However, once the initial hype dies out, you could reintroduce players to these modes every month by including them in the Tides of War weekly missions. Even if these mission paths are optional, people would still want to play them at least for that week, which is good enough.


Post-Launch Modes of Battlefield (2010-present)No.Notes
Bad Company 21Only mode BC2 received was Co-op "Onslaught". Only on PS3/X360
Battlefield 31
Battlefield 43
BF Hardline2
Battlefield 11
Battlefield V5Firestorm and Combined Arms included




This seems to be the strongest part of ToW so far, with BFV leading in terms of weapons/vehicles released in the first 6 months. I definitely want to see this continue, with maybe a bit more love shown to vehicle players (only 4 new vehicles if you take out Firestorm).

Post-Launch Weapons/Vehicles of Battlefield (2010-present)No.Notes
Bad Company 211 vehicle
Battlefield 31410 weapons – 4 vehicles
Battlefield 42015 weapons – 5 vehicles
BF Hardline2115 weapons – 6 vehicles
Battlefield 196 weapons – 3 vehicles
Battlefield V2313 weapons 10 vehicles (Firestorm included)



It's been a fairly strong start in terms of cosmetics, with over 60 items being unlocked via. ToW missions or chapter ranks. I also don't mind #boins exclusive items but the ratio of items purchasable via. Company Coin needs to be a lot higher than it currently is. For every boins exclusive item in The Armory, there needs to be 4-5 CC items, so every player has something to look forward to and spend their Company Coins on.


Weekly missions are one of my favorite aspects of Tides of War. Every week, I have something to look forward to in BFV with different experiences and new rewards to be unlocked. It's definitely helped keep things fresh.

The chapter ranks are also pretty good however I don't understand why these ranks are so hidden from other players. IMO these ranks should be displayed on the scoreboard as well as the killcard. The devs could also add a 'veteran' system where if you max out during a chapter, you get a special veteran badge that is displayed in the killcam. It's the best way to show a player's experience besides increasing the overall levelcap


I think BFV's Tides of War so far has been slightly above average. Besides the maps, the content level has been pretty much matched and bettered than the previous games, with game updates coming once every 2 weeks compared to BF3/4's patch cycle of 1 every 3 months or BF1's cycle of 1 every month. However, the game needs more maps and it needs them at a steady pace. 6 months for 1 map should never be the norm going forward.

In the future, I would also love to see more consistency between each chapter. Ideally I'd want the rough outline of every chapter to be this: new map + new mode + new weapons/vehicles over a course of 3 months. This helps players be more confident in what they can expect from each chapter even without a roadmap.
If I talk about something like Rainbow 6 Siege, I can easily say that every new operation will have at least a couple of operators and a new map or a map rework. For BFV however, I can't say anything because 1 chapter might have maps and modes, but the next chapter might only have a mode alongside some weapons/vehicles. Hopefully this will change moving forward.

One more thing I'd love to see sometime in the future are free weekends. Once there's a steady stream of content, I feel there should be free weekends with every chapter so players have a chance to experience BFV and hopefully stick around for a while. E3 would be a perfect place to announce something like this alongside the competitive mode and Ch4.

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