Battlefield 5

Time to have a talk with your publisher boys

Battlefield 6 - Time to have a talk with your publisher boys

Starting this one off by saying I love all of you at Dice and I've been a very serious player with you since BF2, but after week one of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, you need to hear a wee bit o' truth. Let's start small then build up.

-Still fighting spooky phantoms equipped with floating firearms while ALSO trying to empty mags into juggernazi bullet sponges, I think you get it.

-Server browser has been crashing my game consistently. How is server browsing still a fucking issue after all of your past titles have (more or less) figured out the formula? (console btw, but also PC)

-I can hardly remember anyone that I've played with starting off by saying "Hey guys lets fire up a nice freedom boner inducing match of Squad fucking conquest" (Except back in what, BFBC2?) Why was Outpost removed? What changes need to be made to it? (Better yet, why are you taking away modes that your fans are foaming at the mouth for?) Outpost was easily one of the best new modes you guys have released and then it just vanishes into thin air like most of the fucking player models I'm sighting in. This mode rewarded squad play with plenty of requisition and was a nice training tool to newer members of the franchise BECAUSE it promoted team play and proper fortification of objective areas. You know, the things that make Battlefield, Battlefield.

-Still no option to use CC's to purchase elite skins? What the fuck is happening here guys? I'm running through the trenches sweatin' heavy and breaking necks and earning as much CC as I can only to have THREE fookin' pipe wielding, whiskey drinking, ginger dick slinging Sheamus O' fuckyourself's beat me to death and look bad ass WHILE they're doing it because they can pay for it? I'm a broke ass student in college so I can barely buy a new game let alone $10 on all of the juicy cosmetics we know Dice is capable of creating, but I can spend the 100 fucking million CC I've earned right? I just can't for the life of me understand what we're supposed to do with all of these CC's? "Buy and try new gun and have some fun" What? You know the 30 people who still give a shit about your product (because at this point it's pretty clear this one isn't a passion project your fans, it's just a product) have your weekly "challenges" complete in about 3 good games, right? Can't any of you at Dice gain your composure and have more than a 10 minute conversation with the employees at EA and explain what it is doing to your fanbase? You have one of the most famous AAA first person shooters on your hands, time to act like it. Shit, if you need someone to take some heat me or most of your fans would love to attend one of your meetings as a Dice "employee" and glady explain what is happening to this franchise because money blinds, and apparently it deafens. Please stop saying "we hear you", we know you do (kinda), but your publisher doesn't and they're cooking your golden goose while putting you guys in a noose. reeeeeeeeee

-Tides of War… redundant challenges… A lot of players are tired of your rewards AND your "challenges". "You guys want a brand new fucking laser beam MMG that can also hipfire like a Tommy gun? Well after a whole round of playing and a little tank action here it is! Think you can handle that?" Have a little creativity with these assignments already, they're far too easy for someone past level 15. Attention to the little details like fun challenges is what brings people back, not a haphazard TITLE MENU (even the damn menu guys…even the damn menu is garbage) "Get 20 close range kills" Shit mate I'm about to close range kill muhself if you don't start spicing these up. Has anyone reading this thrown back a grenade and fucking killed someone with it? Did some of you not even know you could do that? I have, and it's ACTUALLY challenging, requires some mechanical prowess, and has to be one of the most gratifying moments in this game. Time to re-evaluate your staff and the creative minds you have working in your damn office. "Throwback one grenade for a takedown" sounds like "hmmm I might need to spend a little more time playing and looking for a very specific opportunity" as opposed to these other warm up tasks. Where are the secret spooky assingments? Remember the Phantom assignments in BF4? Pepperidge Farm remembers. We all know the Nazis did some spooky shit too so where is all that fun creepy lore the Battlefield games are known for? AND I want muh dinosaurs!!! Attention to detail guys, it's what the people love about your games but it's slipping. These and several more good ideas are out there for creative challenges, so please open your eyes and start setting standards."Get 2000 points in a tank" just…can you just spend more than 1 minute thinking of challenges? A toddler whos Dad is in the other room could grab the controller, and get that in 10 minutes on Panzerstorm, not even. "Hey Dad here's your new crispy MMG I got you because it was literally the easiest thing to do besides finding a game, oh wait that's WAY harder than getting this laser nvm lol" Your unique challenges and easter eggs set you apart from other games guys, it's time to overhaul your lineup.


-Level cap. Still only 50? Nearly everything can be unlocked well before 50 and even then, where's the incentive? I'm aware of the increased level cap coming "soon", but it amazes me this wasn't thought over in DEVELOPMENT. Your fans level cap far quicker then you think.

-There are so many more issues we already know about that are posted here daily, but the squeakiest wheel gets the grease mates. Maybe start incorporating more of your communities feedback and the game will be what it's supposed to be. When she does get up and running oh muh lawd this game is fucking brilliant. Being an active squad leader with requisitions at your disposal and fraggin heavy with the boys (not the rifle just stop with that fucking thing) is why I, and this seemingly shrinking community, (try) to keep playing Battlefield.

Think about these issues for more than 10 seconds in your next meeting. Please have a little self respect for the brand you have created and stop allowing EA employees to walk all over this game, and to walk over you. Instead start TELLING them exactly what changes need to be made as a game DEVELOPER, not as a businessman/woman. We want you around because you have something so special, but you guys are slipping and I think you know it. I barely see any positive stuff on this sub anymore and when it is something that puts a smile on my face it's usually from a fucking ridiculous bug that someone recorded… now if that is not a developer that's a shell of it's former self, then I don't know what is. With a nice successful launch and PROPER marketing the need for so much extra revenue hardly seems necessary right? *BF1 ahem* Now more then ever people are starting to realize what is happening in the gaming industry as far as publishers bullying their devs and only focusing on returns from micro transactions in video games over the quality of the game itself. Whether you want to hear it or not, we've seen (very recently) renown developers lose sight of their games vision and fallout with the gaming community (pun fucking intended). It can very easily happen and with a product like this, and it's not out of the realm of possibility even in the slightest. We all recently saw EA explaining how their games don't have micro transactions but rather "surprise mechanics". DO YOU SEE WHO YOU'RE WORKING FOR Dice LOL. We just want you to see who your working for guys, that's all. They're in a very bad light right now and Dice, you need to start having some serious conversations about the future of your brand. Everyone is at fault here.

Finally, I know all of the letters in "DICE" are supposed to be capitalized in this post, but frankly all we've been getting lately is that big, fat, and juicy capital D. When these issues are more seriously addressed, you can have the rest of your capitalization back, but don't worry guys it'll probably be "soon"

Love all of you in this sub, and especially the devs at Dice <3

But guys, get back to work.

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