Battlefield 5

Tl:DROverture patch notes

Battlefield 5 - Tl:DROverture patch notes

Alright so this is my shortened and a little bit more organized patch notes. Hope people can find what they are looking for. Some things are not included but ask questions if you need help with anything.

EDIT: Yes iknow not really a TL:DR but a little bit more organized for people looking for specific Changes.

i got tired and want to Bfv, those who want to enjoy it for it is. Please do

And write corrections in the comments so i can edit.

  • New war story The Last Tiger.
  • New map: Panzerstorm.
  • New Map: Practice range ( yes you can have 3 friends with you )
  • Bugfix: Weapons would stay locked even tough reached required level.
  • Bugfix: Infinite loading screen drastically reduced.
  • Bugfix: Passenger gun should now allign.
  • Balance: Adjusting the amount of ammo forward firing machine guns and cannons for airplanes.
  • Bugfix: No more soft hang when viewing assignment in game.
  • Balance: Airplane zoom in 1.person gives 2.5x Zoom.
  • Balance: Less airplane part dmg from LMGs and buff for engine health.
  • Balance: Stuka 37mm cannons stronger against vehicles and weaker against infantry.
  • Balance: Stuka bomb timer reduced from 0.3 < 0.1
  • Balance: 8x MG specialization spitfire now has overheat mechanic.
  • Balance: Miengeschoss dmg reduction towards bombers, stronger splash vs infantry. + Lower rate of fire.
  • Balance: Reduced dmg AA tanks take to their turret. Slight dmg increase vs infantry
  • Balance: JU-88 only carries 1x 1000kg bomb and reduced rate of fire with 16×50 kg bombs.
  • Balance: Stuka's dmg model changed to be closer to bombers.
  • New Feature: Top gunners on land vehicles can now duck down, and blindfire.
  • Feature Change: Automatic spawn is disabled in all game modes exept last stand.
  • Balance: Icon over bomb carriers in Airborne/Frontlines will no longer be visable.
  • Balance: Overall dmg of the panzerfaust is dropping but it will be more consistent.
  • Quality of life: Angled damage is better exposed.
  • Balance: Direct hit dmg of stationary and half track mounted AT guns increased.
  • Balance: LMs and solder guns reduced dmg to airplanes.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Third person soldier animations in the wounded state.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Ragdolls no more strange movement after being dead for a certain amount of time.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more stuck after revives.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more getting kicked out of ADS while moving on uneven terrain. Improved with custom stock.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Added procedural face animations for voice overs.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Soldier left hand reloading animation while coming out of a crouched position = improved.
  • Fix and Tweaks: The tanker class no longer builds fortifications faster than support.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Soldier would slowly move up and down while uneven terrain = fixed.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more pushed by teammates when going prone.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more falling trough the ground after revive.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Legacy issue fixed = soldier jumps no more interupted while jumping over obstacles.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Vault detection improved on more complex issues such as rocks.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more interupted while vaulting trough a window ( animation still played )
  • Fix and Tweaks: Reduced stand-to-prone firing and aiming restrict by 100ms.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more slow and limited aim after getting revived.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more sliding with single tap instead of double.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Tweaked the sliding animation in 1.person to match 3.person
  • Vehicles: Danger ping feature shows everyone in vehicle.
  • Vehicles: Rain weathering effects on spitfire = fixed.
  • Vehicles: Changed airplane dmg effects to better visually represent both health and part dmg.
  • Vehicles: Added ture trauks ib tge Staghound T17E1.
  • Vehicles: No more firing tank shells faster than intended.
  • Vehicles: You can now repair part dmg outside of the dank eventough 100% health.
  • Vehicles: C4 now works behind the Universal Carrier. no more 0 dmg.
  • Vehicles: Stuka B-2 firing sounds corrected.
  • Vehicles: No more stuck in PAk40 and 6 pounder by moving backwards.
  • Vehicles: Anti-tank half-track no more over sensetive aiming.
  • Spotting Flare: Shoot further and has a bigger spot-area.
  • Planes: Added reload time to bombs and rockets after resupply.
  • Sturmtiger: Top grenade launcher increased range.
  • Sturmtiger: Decreased heat treshhold for the top grenade launcher. It needs to cool down completely.
  • AA GUNS: More dmg vs big planes///////slighty less vs small planes.
  • Planes: Resupply stations moved further away from infantry.
  • Planes: Bf-109 GR21 RP-3 reduced explosive radius.
  • Planes: GR21 and RP-3 less dmg to medium and heavy tanks.
  • Planes: Stuka dmg model changed to be closer to a bomber for it's intended role.
  • BOMBERS: JU-88 only gets 16 light bombs and reduced rate of fire on the bombs.
  • BOMBERS: JU-88 Reduced 1000kg bombs 2 < 1
  • Staghound T17E1: Wheel systemic dmg from explosions now works.
  • Planes: Changed crosshair in third person when using bombs on Spitfire and Bf-109.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Flakpanzer IV Zimmerit Specialization now works as intended.
  • Fix and Tweaks: ^ Panzer IV Zimmerit is now visable on the tank.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Third person FOV settings on vehicles fixes.
  • Tanks: Tank Field repair now consistently repair turret dmg.
  • Fix and Tweaks: MCLS specialization on British tanks now is on equipment slot 3.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Staghound T17E1 now explodes when destroyed.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Overlay diagrams show correct loadout.
  • Fix and Tweaks: The Valentine Mk1 AA Specializations Field Repair and Emergency Repair had swapped functionality = fixed.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Towable vehicles dont "fly" everywhere anymore.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Airplane Specialization trees that had incorrect acessible paths = fixed.
  • Quality of Life: Spotting scope in tanks in light tanks now play a sound when enemy is spotted.
  • Planes: Light bombs dmg to tanks GREATLY reduced.
  • Planes: Planes now explode properly when crashing.
  • Planes: The wingtips on the Spitfire MkVb now properly become “clipped” when using the Improved Control Surfaces Specialization.
  • Tanks: No more engine dmg that cant be repaired.
  • Quality of Life: Reload animation for towable AT weapon added.
  • BLENHEIM SPAWN: Squads can now properly spawn on the bleinheim.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Curchill Gun carrier zoom is now correct with the weapons position.
  • Fix and Tweaks: No more dissapering towed weapons.
  • Fix and Tweaks: Weapon is now "connected" to the player at all times.
  • Tanks: Empty third weapon slot to be available on some tanks = fixed.
  • Spotting scope: Sound play when you spot a enemy.
  • Smoke Launcher: Now properly blocks spotting ( also supression )
  • M30 drilling: Reload animation should now always play when reloading.
  • M1897: Predator and Urban blue skins added.
  • Explosive Gadgets: AT mines and dynamite can now be disabled by interacting with them when playing the Right class.
  • Turner SMLE: Chromed finish no longer flickers.
  • SCOPES: No more clipping of the scopes.
  • GEWEHR M95 Now always plays the reload animation.
  • ASSUALT ABUSE: You can no longer insta fire rocket launchers when switching weapons.
  • FG-42: They are no longer missaligned.
  • MP34: Lattey sights are no longer missaligned.
  • Throwing knifes: Maximum damage reduced to 6.5m > 13m
  • Throwing knifes: Always one shot headshot.
  • Throwing knifes: you only carry 2 > 6
  • M1928A1: Maximum dmg reduced from 30 > 25.1
  • Gewehr 1-5: 3 kill range 30m > 25m
  • STG 44 and ^ Max dmg 25.1 > 24
  • TURNER SMLE: Oneshot headshot 30 > 35
  • WEAPONS: Assualt rifles, LMGs, MMGs and SMGs 4 shot 10m > 9m
  • MEDIC SMG's: All smg 5 hit kill range 30m > 25m
  • PISTOLS: Pistol dmg dropoff extended distances.
  • BOLT ACTIONS: Bolt actions no more reduced dmg when hitting lower body or upper arm.
  • STEN: Horizontal recoil 0.38 > 0.4
  • M1907SF : Horizontal recoil 0.41 > 0.39
  • Slings and Swivels: Switching to primary is now 50 ms faster for all weapons and firing after spriting is allowed an additonal 16 ms earlier for Bolt actions, Assualt Rifles, Semi Automatic, AND SLRs
  • MG34: Double drum magazine. Tactial reload is now 3.7s > 4s. Empty reload is 5.083s > 5.5s
  • M1907SF: Tactial reload is now 2.7s > 2.9s. Empty reload 3.3s > 3.5s
  • SMGs: Improved accuracy of SMGs while aimed and statinary.
  • Assualt Rifles: Descreased sustained fire accuracy of all assualt rifles when aimed and moving.
  • SMGs: MP34 495m/s > 450m/s
  • SMGs: MP34 high velocity bullets 560m/s > 520m/s
  • SMGs: Sten 495m/s > 430m/s
  • SMGs: MP40 455m/s > 400m/s
  • SMGs: EMP 420m/s > 380m/s
  • SMGs: MP28 345m/s > 320m/s
  • SMGs: Suomi KP/-31 330ms > 300m/s
  • SMGs: M1928A1 330m/s > 280m/s
  • SMGs: SMG bullet drag 0.005 > 0.007 (regular bullets) 0.0035 > 0.005 ( high velocity )
  • Fix and Tweaks: Uniform aiming for vehicles is now a option.
  • SIGHTS: Custom colors and glow on the Reflex/Nydar sights. And colors on Lattey sights.
  • STABILITY: Crash when changing soldier appearances.
  • STABILITY: A ton of stability improvements.
  • VOIP: Higher volume no longer causes distortion.
  • KEYBOARD ISSUE: No more ghosting if 2 keypresses and releases happened in same update tick.
  • TAA: Bunch of fixes and fixed bluriness on vegetation.
  • Origin Friends: Now correctly updates for newly added friends.
  • Push to Talk: PTT only activates that functionality and does not interfere with other in-game systems.
  • Social hub: No longer closes down if you invite a friend to your squad.
  • Squads: Squad leader are now able to leave and create new squads.
  • Squads: Squad members are not able to invite other playyers into their squad if the previous leader leaves.
  • MATCHMAKING: No more stuck after cancelling matchmaking.
  • Spectator: Smooth rotation for camera is now added.
  • Rotterdam GO: No more out of bounds spawn.
  • Arras Final stand: You can now always spawn.
  • CONQUEST: Added more spawn points on conquest, Domination and Breaktrough. ( ALL MAPS )
  • Quality of Life: While adding facepaint the character faces you.
  • Company: No more Nintendo64/PS2/Roblox grapics in the company screen.
  • ASSIGNMENTS: Special assignments got various fixes.
  • KILL LOG: If a projectile now passes a objective before killing someone it shows in kill-log.
  • DOGTAGS: Alpha and Beta dogtags should now be unlocked for the people that should be rewarded.
  • Iron sights: Zoom 1.5x > 1x
Read:  Overshadowed as of late, but the real issue with BFV is Company Coin, and its not a bug.

THE KE7: Reload time is now 3.55s > 3.75s

Horizontal recoil 0.45 > 0.36

Recoil buffer has been removed and quick aim is added in the spec tree.

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