Battlefield 5

To all you hotshot players out there….

Battlefield 8 - To all you hotshot players out there....

Dont be a d*ck.

Background: I've been playing BF1 and now BFV, both since launch, The fact is, I'm a really crap player and I always will be – I'm just not that good. If I get a KDR of more than 0.5 I'm pretty thrilled. That is fine, I still enjoy it heaps and get most of my points from handing out ammo (in fact I was in the top 4% of ammo suppliers in BF1). I'm an older player, I know that the player base is very young, there is always lots of inane chatter and puerile insults going on but last night I was in a squad and got bagged out for not playing well. Usually it's water off a ducks back but for some reason it really pissed me off last night.


I have nothing against good players – I love to watch Jackfrags and TheBrokenMachine on youtube. They are great players, but they are seem to be thoughtful and generous and never bag others players out. So remember, if we were all great players your KDRs wouldn't be so high.

End of rant.

TL;DR – Just because you are a killing machine doesn't mean you have to be a d*ck.

EDIT: Thanks all for your comments, I know everyone isn't a d*ck. And yes KDR isn't everything I was just illustrating my low expectations! I don't get much points either although I do try – I get killed way too often. I have to keep remembering to make "not get killed" a priority. And if it wasn't obvious, I nearly always run support.

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