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Tom Henderson’s Livestream LEAKS SUMMARY

Battlefield 6 - Tom Henderson's Livestream LEAKS SUMMARY

This is a summary of what Tom Henderson said about BF6 in he's latest YouTube livestream. Take it with a grain of salt, nothing is officially confirmed and it could be completely wrong/ changed before the reveal. If I missed something out please comment and I will add it in the post.

If you want to watch the whole livestream for yourself

– TH said the trailer that he saw was an 9/10.
"The beginning of the trailer starts off with a nice sunny blue sky and ends in a dark and rainy mess".
TH thinks the reveal trailer does a good job of being a reveal trailer
"We will see the setting, the soldiers, the good graphics, the feature of the game, vehicles, guns etc".
In many aspects the reveal trailer will ask more questions then giving you answers. An example that TH brought up was
"How long will this storm be? will it rotate the same way? will the storm always be in every game?"

– TH mentioned that maps will have a day/night cycle.

– Dynamic weather cycle

– You probably can change every single aspect of the weapon (he wasn't sure)

– Skyscraper levelution leak is still relevant

– "Levelution will not be a "gimmick" as in BF4, it will be more like apart of the core game"

– TH talked alot of the word "Wacky skins" where people missinterped him, he didn't mean that we would get anime skins and colourfull outfits/skins.Customization is there, expect cosmetics as ronin helmet, juggernaut suit, cool body armours, armour on the shoulders etc.Expect equipment that's in current service and that's in development/ experimental ones. Helmets and armour gonna be a BIG part of BF6, he didn't see many soldiers with bear faces. Expect a more futuristic tone/ spice to it compared to BF4.

– Female soldiers, he didn't wanna cover the gender stuff because of the controversys. He also said that it wouldnt matter much because the soldiers he saw was covered in full armours and you probably wouldn't notice


– No jetpacks, but wingsuit is probably a thing for BR.

– Movement will be alot more fluid. TH explained that he's always been a CoD guy and felt like BF movement was somewhat clunky compared to CoD. Expect a very fluid movement like in CoD

– TH explained that stuff as Destruction, graphics etc is not intresting because it's expected to be improved.

– Expect a TEAM skilled based match making like in BFV/BF1. Don't expect SBMM like CoD, it will be different. "You get into the server first and then the game will decide which team you'll end up in based on the teams and enemy's K/D"

– 4 man squad is expected to be back (Let's voice our opinion in Alpha & Beta so we can get bigger squads cus this is bs!)

– TH thinks BF6 will be a massive game and bring over alot of the CoD community.

– TTK similair to BFV

– TH believes that this title will get supported for the next 3-5 years(haven't heard that before DICE 😉 giggity giggity)

– TH gives alot of punches to two inviduals on Twitter that likes to pretend their predictions are facts

– Someone asked if Robot dog that he mentioned before will be an attack gadget or a support gadget. TH said that there are different ones. TH wasn't sure about this so he pulled up the trailer to double check and he confirmed that the one which were in the trailer had a weapon on it.

– You can control the heli ospreys, crash land them and use them as transport. There's 7-8 of them on the map, atleast in the trailer.

– TH hasn't heard anything about campaign and old gen, which he thought was very strange and unusual. Atleast for CoD that he have covered before

– If you want to know more about what kind of vehicles/ weapons that's coming, TH suggest you to look up weapons/ vehicles that's in development/ experiements currently

– Expect BF6 to look more towards year 2030's or even 2040's, more like 2030's TH said.

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