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Unpopular Opinion: Battlefield 5 is far superior to BF1, here’s why

Battlefield 4 - Unpopular Opinion: Battlefield 5 is far superior to BF1, here's why

So I still see in the comments plenty of opinions that say BF1 is better than BF5 for some reason.

For a time, I believed them and actually gave BF1 a chance. I played BF1 for around 10-20 hours, and can safely say that it is a far, far inferior game to BF5.

  1. The gunplay.

Even in the darkest periods of BF5, with the 5.2 (not even 5.2.2) update, BF5 gunplay was still vastly more fun than BF1. BF1 has that atrocious bullet spread, where the gun seems to point in the direction of the player, but the bullets go in completely different directions. The recoil feels very floaty, the guns have a very dramatic recoil animation but you are still somehow ontarget.

BF5, especially in 6.2, has a gunplay that is satisfying, fun, logical and intuitive. Shooting skill depends mostly on how good your aiming and recoil control is. With low RoF guns such as the Lewis, Madsen, Ribey, you're free to spray the enemy if you can control the recoil. With higher ROF guns like the FG42, BAR, STG you can try to control the spray, but you're better of shooting either in single fire or burst control. Either way, it just has much more depth. Recoil also feels like recoil since it actually does move the crosshair of your gun.

  1. Conquest on BF1 sucks

Conquest on BF5 feels great. Most maps are designed in such a way that they have obvious focus points for the combat if that's what you want (Church in Devastation, E in Arras, Bridge on Twisted Steel, Hangar on Aerodrome).

However, you can also go and backcap enemy objectives and do some small scale skirmishes away from the main fights. It's great for gameplay diversity and tactical gameplay.

BF1 Conquest simply feels like a dumbed down version of Breakthrough. It's just mindless frontal meatgrinding. There's very little backcapping and strategic gameplay.

  1. In BF1, you can't play the maps you want.

Because of the voting system, you're essentially stuck playing a loop of 3-4 maps such as Sinai Desert, Suez or Fort Argonne. And because you need to pay for the DLC's, the other maps are practically of bounds unless you fork over the money.

In BF5, I know I can play any map I want, whenever I want (mostly). All I have to do is simply pick a server at a particular map, and then just play through the map rotation.


  1. BF1 maps have a better atmosphere, but it's the same atmosphere every time

I understand why some players say BF1 has a better atmosphere than BF5, because it kind of does. However, the atmosphere is really repetitive: hellish meatgrinder that war is hell.

I get it, it's fun if you've never played it before. But BF5 offers much more varied maps that have a different feel. Iwo Jima, Solomon Islands, Devastation, Aerodrome give off some of that "war is hell" feel, but if you're not in the mood you can always choose some of the more light hearted maps such as Arras, Pacific Storm, Al-Sundan, Hamada etc. It's great if you want something different and not just the same thing over and over again.

  1. The gun progression system in BF1 is wack

At face value, BF1 has way more guns than BF5, but in reality they have just a few guns but are broken up into multiple variations. If you're a new player, it will take ages and ages to grind all the warbonds to unlock all of those guns and figuring which suck and which don't.

BF5 is much more straightforward and honest in that regard. You have a huge roster of weapons you can unlock with CC, and the rest of the weapons are fairly easy to unlock if you just play the game.

  1. Gas, mortars, explosive spam and cavalry

I get it, it's fun to have some diversity every once in a while, but seeing some guy on a horse charging at you and not dying from 2 gun clips is simply ridiculous.

  1. The attrition system

I actually like the attrition system in BF5, especially the bandages. If you get ambushed and survived, you can instantly plop the bandage, recover health, and then fight back.

In BF1, it takes forever for your health to regenerate and practically forces you to stay out of the fight or until a medic heals you, which is practically never.

There are lots of other nitpicks I have with BF1, but these are the biggest and why I consider BF5 is in a league of its own compared to BF1

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