Battlefield 5

Update Day Megathread – Defying the Odds Update #1

Battlefield 6 - Update Day Megathread - Defying the Odds Update #1

Morning folks,

I'm on the road today so I figured it would be smart to keep a Megathread running that we can track any issues we see with the deployment of today's update. Feel free to tag me (/u/partwelsh) across the Subreddit today and I'll be quick to share with the teams back in the office.

What's happening?

We're deploying Update #1 for the start of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds. This is a zero downtime update so you'll be able to grab the update as soon as it's available

When is the Update available?

  • PC: Starting at 0800 UTC / 1AM PDT / 0900 BST / 1000 CEST / 6PM AEST
  • PS4: Starting at 0900 UTC / 2AM PDT / 1000 BST / 1100 CEST / 7PM AEST
  • Xbox One: Starting at 1000 UTC / 3AM PDT / 1100 BST / 1200 CEST / 8PM AEST

What's in the Update?

You can read the full update notes here, alternatively we published a new episode of On the Battlefield with Core Gameplay Designer /u/DRUNKKZ3 that showcases some of the changes happening with this update.

On the Battlefield – Chapter 4 Core Gameplay Updates

Known Issues:

  • DXR Firestorm Crash – Players who are running DX12 & DXR and who attempt to play Firestorm after playing normal Multiplayer will crash. The workaround here is to either switch off DX12 or go straight into Firestorm after booting the game.
  • “Cairo” Reference in Menus – There is a setting which allows you to change your Squad colors in Firestorm. This setting has the word "Cairo" as part of the name. This is an old code-name and has no impact on the game.
  • Axis Male Soldier Face Paint – We're aware of an issue where Axis male soldier face paints aren't visible/selectable. We're working on this and will update with an ETA as soon as possible.
  • Firestorm Matchmaking Disabled – We're seeing too many failed Matchmaking attempts for this mode and so we're disabling all Matchmaking Options. We believe that we've developed a successful hotfix for this and are looking to deploy that tomorrow so that we can renable the mode.
  • Incorrect Dogtag Art – Dogtags for some of the new weapons which will be given as Chapter rewards have the wrong 3D and 2D assets. We're working with the teams to address and correct this.
  • End of Round Company Coins – Rank 50 players are presently no longer receive Company Coins for the End of Round. This is completely unintended. We believe that we have a backend fix and intend to deploy it tomorrow, if not sooner.

I'll keep editing this thread throughout the day as I chat with the teams back in the office.

Freeman // @PartWelsh


PC Update is Live – 11GB Approx

PS4 Update is Live – 7.16GB

Xbox Update is Live – 5.36GB

We are presently tracking an issue that is currently displaying new Epic tier Tank Customisations as available for purchase with Company Coin. This is an unexpected behaviour and isn’t indicative of a change in our approach to Epic Tier customisations. I’ve asked the teams to look at this and get back to me.

Update – 17:40 BST

Evening folks – wanted to provide a summary of where we presently are with the issues raised by today's update and provide some clarification on where we are in terms of addressing those issues.

Today we inadvertently released over 100 new Tank and Plane customization options. Some of this is content scheduled for an update that is planned for later in Chapter 4. None of this content was designed for release in today's update.

In addition to that, some of these customization options were flagged as Epic skins, but were available for purchase with CC for a short while. This is not our common behavior concerning the purchase of Epic Tier items, which are typically only available for purchase with Boins

We have since deactivated purchase of these Vehicle skins. They have not been tested, and they presently do not meet our quality standards. If you have already purchased these skins, they will not be removed from your account and you're able to make full use of them.

In the event that any of them prove to be broken, or causing issues during game play, we will temporarily disable them whilst we address that, but will restore them to players who own them once resolved.

Some of these Vehicle skins are expected to be made available later on during Chapter 4. We recognize completely the desire for more customization options for Vehicles and are keen to bring these to you as soon as they're ready.

We also hear your concerns on the inability to purchase Epic tier skins with Company Coin. Today's issue has returned the spotlight on this conversation, and we'll continue to listen to your feedback on this topic.

Other issues that we're tracking include a need to disable Firestorm Matchmaking. We've just done that, as it's presently resulting in too many timeouts and we're intending to deploy a Hotfix tomorrow.

Myself and /u/braddock512 are in the process of detailing additional known issues as here on the Subreddit. Please do message me or Braddock if you've encountered something that we can help alert to the teams.

Thanks for all of your feedback today.

– Freeman and the Battlefield Team

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