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Vehicle Bugs Master List v3

Battlefield 2 - Vehicle Bugs Master List v3

Major Vehicle bugs are still rampant and they're not getting near the attention they should due to the smaller player base. This is a continuation of a series of posts to highlight this and hopefully spur DICE in to action. Please submit any vehicle related bugs here and I will update the OP. Also, if you spot anything that has been fixed or maybe you're a dev and you can confirm something is fixed please let me know so I can keep this list as clean as possible.

Vehicle Bug Master List v3

  • Ground Vehicles can resupply infinite amounts of primary and secondary tank shell shell ammo at depots through a glitch that can be exploited easily and 100% of the time as seen
    9SUDy4AtuOg - Vehicle Bugs Master List v3
  • You can drive a tank in reverse before the round has started and inflict casualties on defenseless enemies as seen here
  • Dropping mines from the Blenheim can result in the aircraft itself being blown up
  • Topside vehicle gunner often times looks to be exposed to other players when in fact they are in "duck fire" mode and not exposed leading to very frustrating experience for infantry who don't understand why shots aren't registering as hits against the vehicle gunner.
  • if you hit the tank front track wheel/ tracks during a frontal engagement you will achieve a perfect **side** armour multiplier, this hurts the Tiger especially as the tracks are quite literally the biggest target on the front
  • I've experienced the gunner seats doing no damage to infantry. not even suppression. this has happened to me in All land and air vehicles with gunner seats. Examples
  • If you are using something like an xbox controller for vehicles (or playing on an xbox or ps4), then tanks will not turn left or right when sitting still (tanks should be able to do this) or at low speed. They bug out until you get a good head of steam going one direction or the other.
  • When an enemy dies in an aircraft they drop an ammo box that can destroy a pursuing aircraft if it makes contact as seen here
  • The Churchill Crocodile sustains an engine critical that cannot be repaired – the engine is permanently damaged
  • The Archer sustains critical damage that cannot be repaired (similar to above)
  • StuG’s 1st person zoomed view is often completely obscured by MG shield on the concealed gunner position as it rotates, and even in its original position upon spawn.
  • Vehicle Specializations missing documentation on what replaces standard weapons on vehicles. (Example: Blenheim parachute mines and spotting scope replace your standard bomb slot)
  • Some lower velocity weapons like the Sturmtiger mortar that are based on high explosives (rather than armor piercing) are too often giving "glancing blow" hits. As these weapons are high explosive based, penetration is not a critical factor and these weapons should be doing their full blast damage.
  • Randomly, you can't see vehicles spawn on the deploy screen but others can and claim them. You simply cannot spawn into the driver position on a vehicle unless you disconnect and reconnect to the server.
  • The Blenheim ignores the 3p camera roll off setting and the paratrooper upgrade specialization on it also just plain does not work.
  • While in the tank first person or zoomed modes the screen appears to bounce making it very hard to line up your shots. This seems to occur most frequently when other vehicles are in close proximity.
  • Switching from 3P to FP is buggy on PS4. Sometimes it will bug out and put you in 3P with a FP reticle around the screen. Very annoying. Or it bounces from 3P to FP with no input. Seems like a Delay.
  • On xbox if you are in stationary for awhile in a tank it will randomly just move forward for no reason
  • On xbox when switching between 3rd and 1st person view the turret will reset to the front of the tank instead of where it was in the previous view
  • On PS4 zoomed first person view for the light tanks has far lower sensitivity and therefore turret traverse than medium tanks.
  • Vehicle depots are sometimes erroneously shown as greyed out on the map but are, in fact, working
  • Sometimes when you jump out of a plane as a pilot, game auto-redeploys you even if you are within the infantry boundary of the map.
  • New glitch on PS4 where the touchpad will stop working while in a vehicle preventing you from changing the size of the mini-map. Glitch goes away when you respawn but can still reoccur on next spawn.
  • Tanks – When you stop your forward momentum and hold back to reverse you end up continuing forward and turning goes all opposite to what you intend. Only way to stop this is by then going forward and preventing the tank from spinning around. This has cost me countless engagements and has even made me crash into objects. It's like the tank just goes rogue.

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