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Vehicle Specialization Overhaul Proposal: StuG IV

Battlefield 2 - Vehicle Specialization Overhaul Proposal: StuG IV

Ver 1.0

With the late-war European theatre being a distant possibility, engagements between US and German tanks thus become a problem due to power creep. With that in mind, here's my concept of how DICE could potentially overhaul the older vehicles and bring them to pace. Starting with, in my opinion, the most underwhelming tank in the game: the StuG IV.

First off, this concept is entirely based on/ inspired by existing specialization trees in order to :

  1. Keep the choices and experience consistent
  2. Making sure that certain features are indeed achievable within the game's limits (see below).

The ONE thing that inspired me to create this concept is that Chi-Ha's Type 3 and Type 5 gun upgrades. If you don't know yet, these upgrades straight up transform the Chi-Ha into a different tank: the Chi-Nu, which is loosely based on the Chi-Ha. This opens up a lot of potential for the StuG IV since itself doesn't have many historical upgrades, but the opposite is true for the Panzer IV chassis.

The general idea then is to offer 3 heavily specialized columns each dedicated to one playstyle with some interchangeability in between much like the Sherman. I've also tried to make historical combinations possible (like Skirt armour + Pak 40 + Zimmerit) and thus some upgrades' placement might be questionable.

Here's a rundown of each column and some major features (I'll leave out the self-explanatory upgrades):

The base vehicle will now only sport 1 Mg gunner to make the experience consistent across all upgrades. The remaining gunner will use the remote-controlled rooftop MG.

Column A emphasis on urban combat/infantry support. The 15cm 43 L/12 Upgrade (there's a typo in the pic I know) will turn the vehicle into a Brummbär heavy assault vehicle armed with a howitzer. (basically a mini Sturmtiger). It is slower but also more resilient to frontal damages. The gunner will use the hull-mounted MG. The following Machine Gun Upgrade (5A) will add an extra MG to the rooftop, bumping the number of gunners to 2.


Brummbär w/ skirt armor and rooftop MG.

Column B emphasis on survival and generalist. There isn't much to say other than it being the basic StuG IV we have in the game right now. Its got the option of either Case Round for AP firepower or slightly deviate to the 75mm 40 L/48 and back for higher velocity and AT firepower (this gun still fires HE). Machine Gun Upragde will add the removed commander hatch MG.

StuG IV w/skirt armor.

Column C emphasis on being a dedicated tank hunter. The 75mm 42 L/70 Upgrade will turn the vehicle into a Jagdpanzer IV (V), a tank destroyer armed with the panther's gun. This upgrade will make the vehicle extremely vulnerable to infantry since it doesn't have a rooftop MG, the main gun will now be equipped with AP shells (no splash damage) and it doesn't have a driver-operated MG. Thus, the driver could only rely on the hull-mounted MG controlled by the gunner, and opt for either the Zimmerit to prevent dynamites from attaching or a limited amount of HEAT shells that does have splash damage.

Jagdpanzer IV

As per usual, this is just my personal concept and is undoubtedly up to change so please comment. If you'd like to see more about other tanks/planes please let me know.

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