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We need some interaction between squad leaders.

Battlefield 1 - We need some interaction between squad leaders.

I think it would make a world of difference to how integrated squad-play is into the game if teams had a "commander" role, but for squad leaders. This could be done in the form of a second "Orders" Commo Rose which is uniquely available to squad leaders. It would also mean more complexity to the role, which means less people would be spamming request order just so that they could get the V1.

Some context:

– Your squad is defending an objective, you need help. Squad lead puts a request for urgent support on the point which other squad leaders can see, who in turn order their squad to assist. I'm sure many of us would go help a point if we saw an emergency "A friendly squad is under heavy enemy fire and requires immediate assistance!" broadcast. It could be consumed after another squad accepts the request, so there would be no confusing overlap between squads all rushing to an objective.

– You're in a vehicle and you can't take a point without infantry support. Squad leader requests backup, and you now see a friendly squad breaking off from a nearby objective to assist. Through this lens, I can picture some squads specializing in supporting roles to give cover to other squads as they try to cap etc.

– Request armour/air/anti-tank support at a position.

– Request a PAK/AA to be hauled to a position.

– Request rapid fortification of a position due to encroaching enemy forces.


– Request spotting assistance on a point.

I'm sure there are a lot of cool ways that more squad leader command could benefit the team, I just really feel like having all the squads acting as a cohesive unit would be really useful. This would also make more linear aspects of the game seem a lot more dynamic. Imagine Narvik, but you genuinely feel like you're trying to attack/defend the town.

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Everyone loved commanders in bf2, but I understand that Dice doesn't want to force people into that position. At least with squads, we know 100% of the time that squad leaders will always exist – so lets let them interact? Bypasses the shitty requirement of "if one team has a commander then the other team needs one too or we're at a disadvantage", and just adds to the gameplay – more so now than ever since we're focusing on team play so much.

Right now squad leaders issue orders to cap/defend and that's about it. Aside from their call-ins (in which everyone only ever calls in the v1/jb2 at the end of the round which is boring), they have no real influence on the map. So yeah, how about giving squad leaders the facilities to communicate between themselves?

Would appreciate any feedback as to why this would be a good or bad idea!

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