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Weapon Recoil Needs A Full Rework

Battlefield 7 - Weapon Recoil Needs A Full Rework

Everything I am going to mention about the current recoil system in this post is backed up by facts on Symthic.

The way recoil is delivered to the player needs a complete overhaul. I'm going to get this out of the way and say that I don't have any problem with the amount of recoil in the game, I have a problem with how the recoil is delivered to the player.

DISCLAIMER: If you play with a controller on Console OR PC you are getting recoil that is less harsh than players that are using a mouse. You can find proof on I am not trying to be condescending, I am simply informing you that you are experiencing a different severity of recoil than other players. Do not take it as an attack. If you use a controller, keep this in mind when reading the post. It might explain why you don't feel that the recoil ever gave you an issue.

CLARIFICATION: Apparently since 6.2 controllers COULD be receiving full PC recoil, but nobody is 100% sure about it yet. Allegedly It has something to do with how they changed it.

What is the problem with BFV's recoil system?

The main issue is with a mechanic called Spread to Recoil Conversion. Spread to Recoil Conversion is defined as follows, "For fully automatic weapons in ADS (zoomed, or zoomed with a bipod for MMGs) fire, SPREAD IS TRANSLATED INTO RECOIL for all shots following the first shot if the input to fire is sustained. While a shot is being fired, the position of the spread “roll” of the following shot within the spread cone is calculated, and the weapon’s point of aim will move towards that calculated position. Traditionally calculated vertical and horizontal recoil is applied on top of this."

This is objectively horrific for gunplay/recoil. If you ever wondered why your weapon randomly jumps to the left/right sometimes, this mechanic is the reason why. BFV's weapons actually do have seeded recoil patterns, but they don't matter because of spread to recoil conversion. The effect of this mechanic essentially makes recoil random, unpredictable, inconsistent, and frustrating. Don't believe me? Use the ZK-383 with the LLLL or LLLR spec and try to predict and control the recoil. You cannot, and this mechanic applies to all weapons in the game that are fully automatic. The severity of it is harsher on some weapons than others though, mostly due to higher RPM and HREC amounts. u/kht120 could provide more detail than I could on this subject if you have any other questions.


How should the recoil system change?

#1. Delete Spread to Recoil Conversion from the game.

#2. Implement consistent recoil patterns (straight down, down right, down left, ect)

#3. Set patterns and increase/decrease the severity of that pattern on a per-weapon basis.

#4. Possibly implement spread on Assault SAR's and Recon SLR's. (No spread on first shot)

With this method you could assign the type of recoil pattern and the severity of it on a per-weapon basis, which would be much better than what we have now. For instance, the Type 2A would have a harsher recoil pattern that starts to go down and to the right/left earlier in the spray than the ZK-383 high ROF. No, it won't be as harsh as CS:GO's recoil patterns. Think of it like BF4 recoil, but without microbursting all the time. The longer the spray, the longer you have to correct for recoil for.

As for SAR's and SLR's receiving spread, you might say "ENDERS WE DON'T WANT BF1 GUNPLAY BACK AHHHHHHHHHHHH". Yes I know, but you have to understand that spread can be mitigated if you know what you are doing. You can easily counteract the effects of spread by not spam-firing and resetting when needed. Also, BF1 had suppression, which made the effects of spread in BF1 FAR worse than they actually were. BFV doesn't have suppression, so that isn't an issue. I also do not mean that SLR's and SAR's would have FIRST SHOT spread. The spread would start somewhere after the first shot, depending on the ROF and mag size of the weapons. Obviously spread would be applied to SAR's and SLR's on a per weapon basis considering how different some of the weapons are. With all that being said, I am also completely open to not adding spread to SAR's and SLR's at all. Just remove Spread to Recoil Conversion, that is the main culprit.

This method of recoil would also raise the skill floor, skill ceiling, and widen the skill gap, something the current method of recoil in BFV doesn't do.

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