Battlefield 5

Welcome to Grind

Battlefield 5 - Welcome to Grind

Grind is a 64-player experience that focuses around the idea of channeling the intense infantry fights on the maps of Battlefield V. Grind up your weapon or Class Progression in this narrow and linear Conquest layout.

How to Play Grind

Two opposing teams of 32 compete to capture and hold three flags in this tight variant of Conquest mode, until they exhaust the enemy team's Respawn Tickets. Your team must fight objective to objective, working to gain control of three key locations across each of the four maps.

Grind is set up on versions of the Narvik, Rotterdam, Devastation, and Twisted Steel maps. Each map is different, but all feature two teams total, three flags to fight over, spawns on team flags, and with a focus on tight, intense infantry combat. Let’s dig in to each map.


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Grind's version of Narvik focuses on the railway, with the two uncaps at each end. Capture objectives at each end of the train tracks, with B in the middle.


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Rotterdam, reimagined for Grind, also has a focus on the railway – with combat above, below, and to the sides of it. The derailed, defunct train cars will be hotspots for intense engagement with the enemy.


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Starting on opposite sides of the church, each team will have an opportunity to capture an objective on their side before heading into the close-quarter combat within the church in Grind's version of Devastation. Fortifications and Resupply Points will be key.

Twisted Steel

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Railways are great settings for Grind, as they keep the gameplay linear, focusing the combat in the middle. Twisted Steel'sredesign for Grind is very tight, and you'll have plenty of close-quarter combat between the cover points on the rail-bridge.


We're excited about the potential of this Conquest mode variant with an infantry focus. More importantly, we're excited for you to share you feedback once you jump into Grind on April 18th – April 24th.

– Braddock512

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