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Went off on one with the community survey. Only wanted to say “we need more cosmetics” but….

Battlefield 5 - Went off on one with the community survey. Only wanted to say “we need more cosmetics” but....

Seriously, your live service model is garbage. There are countless things that have been shown in trailers but have yet to materialize in game. I’m not talking weapons & maps, but the customization pieces that are the thing YOU pushed hard at us. “We want you to be unique…we want people to remember you”.

It’s been an utterly disgusting practice of bait and switch, even the pictures in the games armory have bloody hair, but you can’t actually have hair!

No authentic uniforms really, really pisses me off. Where on earth are the actual British and German uniforms? Why this mish-mash of utterly horrendous pouches/masks/goggles? Why were they not separated from the “default” uniforms?

Where is vehicle customization? Another thing absent that was advertised, (in your very first trailer too), and has not been delivered. It’s almost at the point of false advertising.

Your concept art regularly gets lots of support on reddit, why? Because it actually looks authentic.

People have been incredibly vocal about wanting accurate uniforms, collar tabs for Germans, insignia for British, actual British clothing. Pilot and Tank crew customization, more weapon skins that involve netting, foliage etc.

You claim at every public opportunity to be “catering/tailoring the game around you guys (us)”

Yet have said practically nothing about the actual wishes of most people who have stuck with this game from its diabolically bare-bones launch, riddled with many bugs (not game-breaking I’ll grant you, but death by a thousand cuts…) to now, 7 months later where many promises have still to be kept.


Boins….I was ready to support your live service model (preferred premium by a long way). But the pricing is waaaay off. Remember most BF players are basing their perceived value on Premium content of the past and I appreciate that maps are now free for everyone but if you want me to support this game with money, I’m going to have to see value in a small amount of high quality content or be overwhelmed by less unique but abundant content . So far, the skins (not elites – I think they sit in a nice place value wise), and soldier uniforms feel far too expensive for what they are, especially those that are nearly identical to others CC sets that have been slightly re-colored. And on the subject of CC I think it’s a shame there have been very little uniforms and skins to buy with it, like seriously, where are all the cosmetic options to tailor our company (another big marketing push YOU made)

You really should be ramming this down our throats every week. New trousers, headgear, hair, tattoos, scars, weapon skins (inc pistols!), boots, gloves, camp netting, scarves, jackets, webbing, holsters, pouches, medals, unit insignia, rank patches, coats, belts, goggles, glasses, masks, dog tags, genuine camo patterns. All of this on top of a BASIC AUTHENTIC DEFAULT UNIFORM. Allow me to create the authentic company I want, allow others to create the type of company they want. I might actually spend money on this game again if I can do what you promised.

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