Battlefield 5

What actually happened at EA / Dice?

Battlefield 4 - What actually happened at EA / Dice?

I am one of the older generation video gamers, working as a remote beta tester on some titles with a company called MicroProse out of Huntsville Maryland during the late 1980s.

I have followed video games closely and have enjoyed playing specific, selected titles to this day.

One of my favorite franchise games has been Battlefield and like many of you I have been a loyal and dedicated follower of the series. It has like other companies and their various titles seen their fair share of hiccups, and rightfully so, perfection doesn’t always happen on release.

However something on this release went very wrong long before it was announced to its fan base with that disastrous public trailer where many of us were left wondering what exactly were we looking at.

Something at EA changed and I would love to know what transpired for this to happen. What was it that made such a successful franchise make such an initial grievous error from discussions to storyboards, production, release and the bizarre public responses from its developers.

I would really be interested to know more about this and if anyone that has any insight to what really happened to this franchise from a corporate level. Was it a budget problem? Did EA Executive Producers decide it would be wise to steer away from possible public backlash from a WW2 themed game and insist on something very different instead?


From a personal standpoint I always felt for the most part that the Battlefield series held a high degree of professionalism that stood apart from games like the later editions of the Call of Duty series. There was always a certain immersion with Battlefield that seems lost in this latest release not to mention such disgraceful mistakes on uniforms, team balancing, weapons, vehicles and a list too long to mention.

A World War Two release is what many of older and newer fans had been hoping for and when this was announced it conjured up visions of WW2 battlefields and authentic uniforms and equipment. The imagination led to excitement and people were giddy with enthusiasm that Dice would again produce an epic release like past games, this was not to be for the most part.

The Second World War was a pivotal moment in world history and one of the most destructive on record. Millions of innocent people perished and millions of soldiers on all sides lost their lives in the process.

If anything this deserved the respect and dignity from a company and its development team to honor this without unnecessary inclusion and to create a beautifully crafted game scenario, unfortunately this was not the case and it’s left many of its loyal fans wondering what exactly happened.

Thank you for reading, that’s my two cents…

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