Battlefield 5

What did Dice do to the fighters!?

Battlefield 3 - What did Dice do to the fighters!?

So I came home being excited for the update, got my Spitfire Skin for 20k CC I saved up for since vehicle skins being announced just to find out my main cannon has 150 bullets and my rockets take 40 seconds to recharge on top of not being able to fu*k tanks up properly!? Minengeschoss is useless as are the rockets.

Seriously who QA‘d this? I‘ve been flying since BF3 and man this time it really killed the fun, can’t even properly one strafe a bomber anymore because if you have to divert he‘ll pop emergency repair and you can’t even finish him off. I really love the game and Dice but man some things are just so uncalled for. They were so careful with the weapon changes and then they completely shit on planes, polish them and slap a #1 sticker on it and call it balanced. When even mostly infantry players stick up for pilots you should know you did wrong and just revert it.

Sorry for being so upset but I spent hundreds of hours of not close to a thousand to become a good pilot, just for planes to be made useless. Can’t even strafe now because I have to be ready for dogfights so instead of being able to support the ground I just gotta fly circles and wait for enemy planes to respawn.

Please revert the plane changes asap :/

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